12/23/19 – Backblast – Feats of Strength

PAX gathered under @Dr.Evils convalescent shelter where Flounder gave a perfect F3 mission statement and then lead the PAX through Warmaroma which consisted of Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigoda’s, Seam Rippers, Franken Steins and Sun Gods.

See @Bambi backblast for Red, White, & Boom Thang.

5PAX (Crankbait, Sprinkler, Deliverance, Epstein & Q- Flounder) decide that the dry confines of the shelter were the best place for Feats of Strength.

Feats of Strength workout went like this: 12 Days of Christmas Weights. Original plan was to run between days but due to the rain we opted to modify for some Ab work between days instead (10 IC on each) . Count down each day like the song. 1; 2 & 1; 3,2, & 1; etc to you reach 12.

1st Day of Christmas – 1 – Man Maker – then LBC’s

2nd Day of Christmas – 2 – Lt Dan’s – then Pretzel Crunch Right Side

3rd Day of Christmas – 3 – Nolan Ryan’s (Ea. arm) – then Pretzel Crunch Left side

4th Day of Christmas – 4 – Overhead Tricep Extensions – then Low Flow Flutters

5th Day of Christmas – 5 – Single Leg Dead Lifts (Ea. Leg) – then Dying Cockroachs

6th Day of Christmas – 6 – Merkins – then WW1

7th Day of Christmas – 7 – Punches (IC) – then Hollow Body

8th Day of Christmas – 8 – Mountain Climbers (IC) – then Crab Cakes

9th Day of Christmas – 9 – Bent-over Flies – Then Cindy Crawford’s Right Side

10th Day of Christmas – 10 – Burpees w/ Overhead Press – then Cindy Crawford’s Left Side

11th Day of Christmas – 11 – Goblet Copperhead Squats – then Mary

12th Day of Christmas – 12 – Curls – 3 PAX stayed after to finish the 12th day since @Bambi cut his work out short

Mary/ Prayer Concerns/ Announcements – See @Bambi backblast

Crankbait took us out.

Thanks for letting me lead! Hope the Feats of Strength guys got enough.

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