Backblast – 12.25.2019 – Redmond Aggression

A little Christmas cheer was enjoyed amongst four PAX this early morning in the Ivey Redmond Complex. Lucky Charms, Dean, Dr. Evil, and YHC (Duvet) embarked on a subtle telling of the Christmas story F3 style.


  • Helicopters
  • Sun God’s (YHC called them Arm Circles and was welcomed to join the F3 lexicon)
  • Runner’s stretch
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Seam Rippers

The thang – mosey to a few different areas of the park to complete exercises called out all the while “listening” to Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Playground area (Gabriel visits Mary)

  • Pull up’s X 15
  • Imperial Squat Walkers X 15
  • Rinse and repeat

Open concession area (Joseph has a dream)

  • Derkins X 10
  • Thigh masters X 10 one leg
  • Irkins X 10
  • Thigh Masters X 10 other leg

Mosey to the lights AKA Bethlehem for the census … mumble chatter indicated nothing good happens in Bethlehem … you be the judge

  • Lunge walk from one light to the next
  • Bear crawl to the next light
  • run backward to the next light
  • run forward to the next light
  • Back to the entrance to the park … not towards the main road (though I may consider this for next week)

Jesus is born and placed in a manger – YHC did not have a good place in mind so Dean picked the covered concession area – good choice as I was able to add a third exercise not previously written down

  • Hand release merkins X 15
  • Air Chair for 30 seconds
  • Stairs X 2
  • Rinse and repeat

Mosey down to the lower parking lot as the wise men seek out Jesus

  • Donkey Kicks X 15 (Yo-yo inspired this exercise … and completed it)
  • Sprint to the next light pole
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Lunge walk back to the previous pole

Mary (“you write down your Mary exercise”) – yes, my brain is a little mushy by this time

  • LBC’s X 15 IC
  • Cindy X 15 IC
  • Hammer’s X 15 IC (of varying count speed)

Prayers … lift up families who are celebrating today without a loved one for the first time.

YHC led us out. Let me also add that I am a stronger man because of this group. I lead better in the home. I am physically stronger. I am more confident to lead in the workplace. I am more willing to be bold in my faith walk. I am not perfect, but what this group offers is way more than a 45 minute beat down – it is a community of men who truly sharpen one another.

Honored to lead, humbled to be a part of the group. Merry Christmas all!

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