Rockin’ The Flute (maybe?) at Feats

Two Q's and fourteen PAX including Sludge, Dr. Evil, Cube, Water Wings, Gilmore, FloRida, Tarde, Flounder, Hook 'Em, Cousin Eddy, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Boone's Farm, Epstein enjoyed some of the nicest days of cooler temperatures all year. Two unique and invigorating beat-downs began after a FloRida warm-o-rama (see RWB BB for details). The dumbell crew took … Continue reading Rockin’ The Flute (maybe?) at Feats

Red White & Boom – Dumbbell-Free

The alternative to Feats of Strength required no dumbbells, but was not entirely coupon-free. After a brief warmarama consisting of:SSH, Don Quixote, Seam Rippers and Mountain Climbers. Epstein let the FOS crew to the basketball court, and the bootcampers scattered to the shelters for a 3-way shotgun start. Complete the exercises at each shelter: Shelter … Continue reading Red White & Boom – Dumbbell-Free

Backblast – Pain in the Park – 24 SEP 2022

6 hearty PAX plus Ziggy gathered in the crisp gloom this morning to snack on a little iron. @hook-em, @swiss miss, @dr-evil, @epstein, @gilmore, @doubtfire (QIC). After a disclaimer and a mission statement, we moseyed to the dark circle for WOR SSH Tie Fighters fwd/rev Seam rippers Imperial Walkers From there, we moseyed to the … Continue reading Backblast – Pain in the Park – 24 SEP 2022

Backblast: Northern Aggression – lots of benches

A seven-man PAX showed up in the gloom to plant, grow and serve in downtown Kernersville this morning. They included @monet, @dr.evil, @flounder, @handy, @boonesfarm, @sprinkler, and YHC @bluehen. (@kay made a brief appearance at 5:20.) The morning went like this: WARM-O-RAMA SSH x 20 ICImperial Walkers x 20 ICSeam Rippers x 20 IC THE … Continue reading Backblast: Northern Aggression – lots of benches

Red White &Boom – Sept 19, 2022. Back to the benches.

Warmarama- SSH, Seam Rippers, Chinooks, Mountain Climbers, Abe Vigodas At the back guardrail: Sevens with Dips & Derkins. Mosey through the back lot to the Bus Benches, with a speed bump at the gate to lunge up the hill. At the benches: 12 Peter Parker Derkins + 12 bench hopovers + 12 split squats each … Continue reading Red White &Boom – Sept 19, 2022. Back to the benches.

Flash-Bang Friday Fun – Backblast

Eighteen PAX, count 'em! (Hook'Em, Mulligan, Gilmore, Tarde, Flounder, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Chipper, Kay, Sludge, Checkbook, Special, Boone's Farm, Water Wings, Cousin' Eddy, Sprinkler, Flo'Rida, Epstein) posted to get strong and share the gloom for this latest edition of Flash-Bang. YHC took advice from plenty after last weeks outing to provide a full body workout … Continue reading Flash-Bang Friday Fun – Backblast