BackBlast 5/9/2022- Feats of Strength 

@Shear-Conn started things off with F3 purpose and disclaimer and then lead us through Warmaroma. See his backblast details of Red, White & Boom. 11 PAX in attendance (@Epstein, @Sprinkler, , @Crawdaddy, @Water-wings, @Fudd, , @Tardy, @florida, @dr-evil, @Gilmore, Co-YHC @Shear-Conn and Flounder) FOS was made up of 3 sets of 3 exercises with dumbbells. … Continue reading BackBlast 5/9/2022- Feats of Strength 

Backblast: Northern Aggression, So Many Lines

9 Pax pulled themselves from their beds and separated themselves from the masses of fartsackers to become better men. Pax: Boone's Farm, Kay, Sprinkler, Blue Hen, Monet, Fortran, Flounder, Handy, Dr. Evil After a rote disclaimer, the Pax moseyed to what was referred to as "Boone's Farm's Circle" in front of City Hall for.. Warmarama: … Continue reading Backblast: Northern Aggression, So Many Lines