2019-12-18 The Impeachment of Dean the Q

The Pax: Epstein, Lucky Charms, Crawdaddy, Bambi, Fudd (good to see him back out after the interior inspection), Kryptonite, Duvet, Crankbait, Shear Conn, and Dean (QIC)

At 5:25 AM, the Q scrapped his original plans and realized it was time to consider impeachment of the Q. After no disclaimer, instructions were given that the PAX could shout “IMPEACH” after any exercise called by the Q. The pax would then vote, and if a majority of PAX voted in favor of impeachment, that Pax member would then run an exercise. If the article of impeachment failed, that PAX member had a 5 burpee penalty.

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The Inquiry Began….

We moseyed to the upper lot for WOR of SSH, Stretching Sun gods and other stretches. Crawdaddy pump faked impeachment on the SSH, but without Sludge or Pacer present to vote with him, the rebellion was quickly quelled…

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Dean crushing the first rebellion

We then did bear crawl/lunge alternating lines in the parking lot. No threats of impeachment on this exercise…

To simulate delaying aid to Ukraine, We then did (3) rounds of Merkins, Orangutan squats, and Freddy mercury’s. The length of time we had to suffer these exercises was determined by how long pax members took to run the parking lot down and back (I.E. withheld aid). Quid-Pro-Quo Joe

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Oh…you thought I was talking about Trump delaying aid…It was actually Joe Biden

Then YHC called for 25X Burpees to which Shear Conn quickly called Impeach. The vote went poorly for Despot Dean and Shear conn told the pax to run the lot while Dean alone did burpees…Well played…

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Shear Conn Praising his own genius idea…

We then went to the playground for pull-ups and squats.

Then to the benches for dips, derkins, and step-ups. We also did Pickle pounders to celebrate past impeachments and the blue dress…Count by our very own Duvet who once simulated conception while Q’ing…

Then to the parking lot again for crab walk/lunges. Now Crawdaddy filed the second article of impeachment…which passed on narrow margins. He chose “suicides with merkins”.

Image result for clinton impeachment gif
When the PAX where confused by Crawdaddy saying suicides and not meaning suicides but actually doing something else…”I did not mean suicides with those lines”

We then had (3) impeachment witnesses called for the senate trial, Kryptonite, Bambi, and Epstein

Kryptonite with thigh masters, suicides, and something I forgot

Epstein with side plank push-ups, low dollys, and something I forgot

Bambi with Dippin dots and nothing else mattered because dippin dots is the best….Lucky got dizzy and almost fainted…

Then an Indian run to the lower lot to honor Elizabeth Warren.

Image result for elizabeth warren 1/2020

Then the Senate vote came down to see if Kryptonite would take over the Q for Marys. In a stunning response, NO PAX voted for removal of the Q…Therefore, Q stayed in office and we did Jelly Fish, homer/marge, supermans, E2K, and Hammers

Announcments/Prayer Requests: Warm clothes to crankbait by Sunday evening (see slack). Interview for one of our Pax. Chipper on job search. Crankbait took us out.

An honor to be the first Q in F3 history to be impeached,


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