Backblast – 10/2/19 Northern Aggression. Re-purposing and every man failing. Worth getting up for.

13 heat and humidity resistant Pax gathered in the gloom to do our part for the planet. Though summer is stretching into October, no global warming mumblechatter spewed forth.  Flounder (who gave his “feels like” age at 104), Epstein, Sludge, Elain (can’t dance, but turns out he can squat), Radar, Dr. Evil, Slice and Dice, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Mulligan, Deliverance, Jane, and YHC.

Disclaimer nailed, the Pax moseyed around the block and back to the property at the corner of Cherry St. and Mountain, where the world’s most poorly designed parking lot now sits.  I would offer apologies to any Pax engineers that contributed to the project, but clearly no engineers were consulted.  A short ceremony was held to rededicate/REPURPOSE the property to an official F3 WOR/6MOM staging area. Future Q’s take note.  Our tax dollars paid for it.  We need to get something out of it. Taxation, representation, whatever…

WOR: dean vigodas, sun gods, lunge twists, imperial squats.

Moseyed to the back of the building at the corner of Mountain and Main.

The Thang: Exercise 1 is begun by all Pax. As each Pax member fails, they move to exercise 2 and continue until the last man has failed at exercise 1.  First set was balls-to-the-wall until individual failure (UIF) and then imperial squats until last man failed at BTTW. Second Set was merkins and hillbillies, then ran a 3/4 speed lap around the building.  Pattern repeated with runs (unrelated to Gilmore) after every 2 sets of reps. Monkey humpers/mtn climbers, crunch frogs/al gore.  Run.  Carolina dry docks/imperial walkers, diamond merkins/WWI’s.  Run.  Monkey humpers/frankensteins, sweat angels/hold plank.  Run.  Burpes/peter parkers, gorilla squats (dominated by Elaine and Dr. Evil)/LBC’s.  Run.  Dying cockroaches/reverse plank, low slow flutters/hold superman.  t-claps to Gilmore for maxing out the burpes at 45! Impressive! 

Moseyed back to the newly repurposed 6MOM performance center, a.k.a. parking lot.

6MOM: cindy crawfords, supermans, box cutters, A. hammers.

Pumpkin Patch truck unload at MSUMC at 9:00 on Saturday.  Beatdown, breakfast, unload.  Rinse and repeat in 365 days. 

Thursday Murph-day and stretch marks at 0530.  So many choices and so little time.

Prayers for Gilmore, his M and 2.0’s as they deal with a strained relationship with an extended family member.

Sludge took us out.

Always a pleasure to lead. 

Checkbook, out!

 after every 2 sets of reps.   

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