2019-10-02 Ivey Redmond Backblast

YHC arrived at Ivey Redmond to see our favorite fellow citizen tying his dog’s leash to his car so that he could “walk/drive” his dog around the park. He must be a Romney…

Image result for mitt romney dog on roof
Our fellow Citizen, a Romney Family member

Promptly at 5:29, Bambi arrived with his balls for us to play with during the morning. YHC was happy to see this. And promptly at 5:28, Hook’em rushed to the bathroom only wishing he had gotten there Sooner….pun intended…Gilmore may have been absent, but his legacy was present.

Tardy, Shear Conn, Bambi, Crawdaddy, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Hook’Em, Fudd, Dean (QIC) for 9 total Pax began after a lackluster disclaimer. we moseyed up to catch up with Hook’em for warm-a-rama. It was our first time to be able to circle a police car and not feel bad about it. WOR was:

Side straddle hops, 3count Vigodas, Seam Rippers, and Hill Billys.

After that we moseyed to the long road with lights. Attempts at passing Bambi’s balls were made, but it was dark, so many fumbles occurred.

Thang: Rugby ball indian run (Credit Bambi for inventing) along the road with stops for arms, legs, stretching, and abs. Notable exercises were Hook’ems “push-ups”, Chipper’s Monkey humpers where the counting made sprinkler look like a genius, Lucky’s walk it out merkins, and Soul mate’s prisoner get-ups were a huge crowd pleaser.

It should be noted that during the Rugby indian run, Crawdaddy and Shear Conn made a case for the two of them being soul mates. The rest of us suffered many burpees for their ball droppage.

Random Musings: Tardy was on-time at the start and throughout! Fudd didn’t let the mumblechatter distract him, as he is always professional. Crawdaddy attacked Bambi with his own ball…

Image result for hard throw gif
Shear Conn and Crawdaddy All Morning
Image result for ball hits head gif
Crawdaddy Attacking Bambi

Hook’Em took us out

PS – I apologize to Hook’Em as I realize we ended and his car was all the way at the Gilmore memorial bathrooms. Sorry for the extra mosey!