Back blast: Flash Bang Friday

21 PAX showed to pay the rent in the payment form of burning some fat calories, Far Side Special Ed, Checkbook, Fudd, Gilmore, Hook ’em, Boone’s Farm, Yo-yo, Lovie, Deliverance, Chipper, Mulligan, Blue Hen, Red Hot, Crawdaddy, Pacer, Madoff, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Dean and YHC. The goal was to target 70-85% of your Max Heart Rate.

WOR: In the spirit of trying to add new ideas to the exicon, Q set out to try some new exercises but, ended up being more error than trial…High Knees, High Knees w/High Knee Jump, Windmill Abe Vigoda, Inchworm, Handcuff Merkins, Dip ‘n’ Dots

Image result for warm up fail gif
Q demonstration of new WOR exercises

THANG: keeping with the goal of 70-85% MHR, PAX split into two groups and headed to bball courts for the following beatdown

20’s – merkins & WWI

Box run & wall sits x 3 rounds

merkin shuffle

gasers x 3 rest 30 sec. in between

rugby passing drill – 2 burpee penalty for drop

Image result for rugby passing fail gif
PAX still needs more practice…


LSF, LBC, Dead Bug, Hammer


MSUMC unload pumpkins 0900 10/5

Prayer’s for Mulligan’s coworker Dexter’s son battling drug addiction

Prayer’s for Far Side’s brother and brother in law cycling to raise money for veterans

Gilmore lead us out

Hope you paid the rent…an honor to lead, Bambi