Backblast. Pain in the Park Monday. 8/3/20 skate rats.

Your classic 30 for 30 beatdown.  Pax: Blue Hen, Fortran, Mulligan, Whamo, Shear Conn, Crawdaddy, Bidet, Water Wings.

The rain held off so the Pax was free to move about the park…and we did.

WOR in the circle – SSHs, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Squat Walkers, Seam Rippers, Hillbillies.

The Thang: 1.15 mile mosey interrupted by multiple pain stations where the Pax enjoyed a variety of arm, leg, and abdominal exercises.

Station one: 30 dips, 30 erkins, 30 dips.
Station two: 30 thigh masters, 30 merkins, 30 thigh masters.
Station three: 30 LBCs, 30 copper head squats, 30 LBCs.
Station four: 30 Carolina dry docks, 30 reverse LBCs, 30 Carolina dry docks.
Station five: 30 copper head squats, 30 irkins, 30 copper head squats.
Station six: 30 low slow flutters, 30 monkey humpers, 30 low slow flutters.
Station seven:  30 merkins, 30 Freddie mercuries, 30 merkins.
Station eight: 30 step-ups, 30 irkins, 30 step-ups.

WOR: Ab-roll 25 reps per set, AHs.

COT: Prayers for Mulligan and his sister as they travel to Des Moines, IA for an intervention with his brother. Wham-O who recently lost a family member to alcoholism – leaves behind a wife and 2 young daughters.  Teachers, students, law enforcement. 

Always a privelage, gentlemen.

Checkbook, out!