2020-07-03 School Six Backblast

“10” PAX assembled in the gloom for a Mount Rushmore Sized beatdown. YHC was sad to see Hot-n-now missing from the PAX after signing up, but Red Hot and Lucky Charms coming was an added bonus

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The sign was turned off this AM. Next time Hot-N-Now!

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The PAX were: Dean (QIC), Shear Conn (Soulmate #1), Broadside (get’s half credit), Crawdaddy (soulmate #2), Fudd, Madoff, Fortran, Gilmore, Sludge, Lucky Charms, and RED HOT

We began with a WOR starting with Mountain climbers. A real crowd pleaser. Then Hill Billies, Abes, Sun Gods and Back stretches for Lucky.

Then then Thang based on the history of Mount Rushmore as summarized below. Pax split into groups and then traveled around to complete the exercise.

Random Musings:

YHC noted to his group that the Louisiana Purchase was 15,000,000. Gilmore immediately released a toxic gas and someone noted (Red Hot or Gilmore) that “that was free”.

Sludge, a descendent of the original tattle-teller, Paul Revere, make sure to tattle on the Crawdaddy, Madoff, Fortran group noting that they skipped the burpee station…

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But a group featuring the instruction guru (Fortran), the silver tongued Crawdaddy, and Con artist (Madoff), should leave no one surprised…

This workout was way harder/longer than I anticipated…Imagine that…

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We then congregated for Marys of LBC, Cindys, and Hammers.

Prayers for Gilmores friend/family and then Sludge took us out followed by One score and 2 push-ups.

An honor to bring history to the gloom,