Pain in the Park or Bus Benches 7-4-2020

An American Flag inspired workout. God Bless America!!!!

How to Properly Care, Store, Handle, and Retire the American Flag

Pax: Tardy, Florida, Swiss Miss, Pacer, Gilmore, Epstein, Dr. Evil and QIC Sludge.

With the disclaimer and the instructions for the workout we circled up for WAR.

Deans, Seam Rippers, Chinook, Sun Gods, Camel Toes, Slow Straddle hops

The American Flag has 50 stars for 50 states and has 13 strips for the 1st 13 original colonies.

So we would do 13(13 original colonies) exercises 10 reps of each exercise with 5 rounds (50 Stars).

  1. WWII
  2. Slunges
  3. Plerkins
  4. Hills forward
  5. LBC’s (IC)
  6. Orangutan Squat’s
  7. Irpees with jump pump
  8. Suicides at each american flag
  9. Big Boy sit ups
  10. Lunge L Lunge R then Bobby Hurley
  11. Derkins
  12. Hills backward
  13. American Hammers

By the way it was as hot as the 4th of July!!!!!!! The mumble chatter was high this morning but slowed tremendously after the second round of qty 10 hills.

Pacer showed his patriotic colors wearing Red shorts, White Socks, and a blue F3 shirt nicely done.

Baby Boy Summer Toddler 4th of July Stars Striped Patriotic ...

Omaha was called at 7:25 so we could get to Marry.

Cindy’s, Pretzel Crunches, Pike Ups, and finished off with no other then AMERICAN HAMMERS!!!!


Keep trying to get better each day as a Man, Christian, Father, Son, Husband, Brother, Leader, Teacher, or Friend.

Praise for being able to live in the land of the free and what others sacrificed for us to be able to do that.

Tardy led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Sludge took us out in prayer.

22 Merkins or Squats for our Veterans

20 Funny Pics To Make You Laugh On The 4th of July
Fireworks safety

Happy 4th of July to the Pax.

Hope you all got enough and it was an honor to lead.