T.G.I. Flash-Bang Friday

The PAX: checkbook, boones farm, crawdaddy, mulligan, dean, gilmore, slice-n-dice, tarde, crankbait, deliverance, fortran, radar, sprinkler, water wings, dr. evil, florida, kay, flounder, lucky charms, pacer, special ed, sludge, wham-o, elain, duvet, far side, epstein

Warm-o-rama: SSH x 20 IC + chilcutt toe raises x 20 IC (funny to some PAX?), +cotton pickers x 20 IC + sobriety sun gods x 20 IC (reverse halfway) + copperhead squats x 15

Thang 1: burpee / merkin ladder – we went straight to work with 5 burpees then bear-crawled about 25 feet and did 5 merkins. Turn right around and lunge-walk back to the first line for 6 burpees and bear crawl back for 6 merkins… the pattern is established. Great job by PAX to knock this out with minimum mumblechatter and even less modifications! 10 count by mulligan before Thang 2

Thang 2: Partner up! we worked next at the track where Partner 1 did pull-ups to failure (plus 1!) and Partner 2 did a lap, switch spots and plank for the six, and then for those who didn’t go to failure the first time… thanks Kay!

Thang 3: PAX moved with their partners to the base of the hill where P1 ran to the top of the hill and did 5 squats and back down for 5 more. P2 was entertained with side-plank push-ups on each side before switching spots. a nice 10 count by flounder led us to rinse and repeat except with just 5 Lt. Dans at the top of the hill the second time.

6 MOM: most PAX participated whole-heartedly doing the following: low dolly x 15 IC + rosalita x 15 IC + LBC x 15 IC + 20 side-plank push-ups (crowd pleaser) + 20 American Hammers IC… dean did some ab work of his own liking at his own pace.

workday from 8:30 to 12:00 tomorrow at New Story Church in Winston-Salem (see slack post from florida), CPR class $55 8 to 10 Saturday or 6 to 8 one evening – slack post for sign up is coming from mulligan, donations for f3 website can be made to kay, Remember we also have a Saturday workout that begins at 0630 at Fourth of July Park in K’Ville available to all PAX!!

Prayers: Father Paul sabbatical, man hands, toto’s trip back coming now in June/July

Thank you all for sharpening me to be a better version of me!


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