2019-05-08 Risk it for the Biscuit – Dean’s Capitalism Q

8 PAX (Lucky Charms, Crawdaddy, Smog (Guest from HH, Welcome!), Chipper, Shear Conn (Soul Mate), Duvet, Shutterfly, Dean (QIC)

After a wonderful disclaimer solely about not suing (Q was worried the Hilton Head Native F3’er Smog may have been there just to sue YHC. I mean Hilton Head ain’t cheap, so I had to make sure), we moseyed to the upper parking lot for WOR

How the Q envisioned Smog right before his disclaimer

Super slow abes

Seam Rippers

Goof Balls

Sun Gods (Q somehow had a mental block and forgot name of this exercise, but Lucky had it covered. Crawdaddy noted that the Q forgot but a dementia patient in Lucky remembered….not a good sign for the Q)

Image result for dementia gif
The Q


Lucky During Frankensteins

THANG: Q Split PAX into two groups of four so they could complete the below list and EARN special treats. PAX were even allowed to do their own thing, but that no special treats would be awarded to said PAX.

Image result for Rush limbaugh gif
Even Rush was excited about this Thang
  • Pay your Taxes (nice and low)
    • 10x Merkin
    • 10x Squat
  • Earn Gummy Bear Snack
    • 7s at Hill – Squats at bottom, Merkins at top
    • Suicides – every line at parking lot
    • 10x pull-ups at playground
    • 10x Lt. Dan
  • Earn Juice Box
    • 20x Dips, Derkins, Step-ups (20 ea. Leg) at EACH Concession bench area. SKIP or Run between
    • 10x Pull-ups at playground
    • 10x Lt. Dan
    • 20x Squats
    • 20x LBC (IC)
  • Earn BISCUIT
    • At road of lights – Run 10x lights. 1x Burpee, 2x Burpee, 3x burpee, 4x burpee, etc.
    • Run back to playground 10x pull-up
    • 10x Lt. Dan
    • 20x LBC

We then went back to lower lot for Mary’s
Homer/Marge (Repeat for first group that arrived)



WW1s while Q got phone.

Then Biscuits, juice boxes, and gummy snacks were distributed. Neither group finished all the exercises, but that’s how a good capitalist plans. Always plan more work than your workers can accomplish. So, the ever-kind, incredibly humble, 1%’er Dean distributed all special treats to all the PAX. Trickle-down Q-enomics.

Image result for juice box gif
The Q’s Juice Boxes
Mmm…Capitalist Biscuits

Random Musings:

-The burpees at the lights proved extra sucky.

-AOC instituted a limit on step-ups to 10x each leg. Government regulation interference.

-Lucky Really likes biscuits with Strawberry Jam.

-Smog did a juice and dash.

-Magnolia has a LOT of gummy snacks and biscuits to eat.

Announcements: Shear Conn’s scuba friend – Stage 4 cancer. Pray for Duvet’s wife/baby daughter (in womb), Chipper’s father in law moved to hospice.

Shear conn took us out.

An honor to facilitate the work of the PAX,