Soakin’ Up Some Dew

Sixteen willing participants showed up in the perfect weather of the Gloom this morning to get stronger and invigorate and unlock their potential for male leadership in their community. Monet, Kay, Change Order, Weezey, Flounder, Mulligan, Flo'Rida, Crawdaddy, Deliverance, Water Wings, Gilmore, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Boones Farm, Epstein posted and shared time working through … Continue reading Soakin’ Up Some Dew

Backblast – Flashbang Last Friday

Fourteen PAX were curious and willing to post on an unseasonably hot morning. Those who enjoyed the festivities included Sac, Florida, Boones Farm, Flounder, Gilmore, Blue Hen, Water Wings, Red Hot (Cotters!), Crankbait, Checkbook, Pacer, Far Side, Deliverance, Epstein. Warm-O-Rama: Slow-straddle hop x 10 IC + sun gods x 10 IC (Reverso) + Abe V's … Continue reading Backblast – Flashbang Last Friday

BackBlast From One Great Q

An impressive 21 PAX (Duvet, Crankbait, Dr. Evil, Fortran, Sprinkler, Flounder, Change Order, Fudd, Tenderfoot, Fl;oRida, Deliverance, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Kay, Gilmore, Handbells, Weezy, Mulligan, Water Wings, Blue Hen, Black Knight, and Epstein) gathered in the muggy gloom at Fourth of July for a great Q. Recent openings on the Q sheet have allowed ample opportunity … Continue reading BackBlast From One Great Q

Poison Ivey Back-Blast – Circling the Diamonds

Six bright-eyed PAX arrived to the gloom this morning to take the DRP, each one wondering where most of the rest of the K'Ville PAX have retreated to as of late. Non fartsacking PAX this day included Crankbait, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Florida, Mall Cop (cotters), and Epstein. After an inspirational and brief mission statement the pain … Continue reading Poison Ivey Back-Blast – Circling the Diamonds