Thanksgiving Thursday’s Turkey Day Torture …a Stretch Marks substitute workout…

**Special Event **
Thanksgiving Thursday’s Turkey Day Torture   
(naming credits to Blue Hen)

For all in-town Pax who desire to pre-burn their soon to be consumed Thanksgiving meal calories, gather at 4th of July Park at 5:25 AM for a 5:30 AM launch into the standard 45 minute beat-down.  No meals will be served during the duration of the workout.

Sugar-rays and Sixes will benefit equally in this self-guided tour through the park with the occasional pain station.

The regular Thursday Stretch Mark workout will  be held, but it will an “on your own” event at your own AO with your own Ms and 2.0s and begins 3/4 of the way through your Thanksgiving meal.  Leftovers should be forwarded to Epstein.

Weather: just one more thing to be thankful for…


–  Checkbook

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