Dean’s Poison Ivey Turkey Shoot Backblast – 2018-11-21

11 PAX showed up for Dean’s turkey Shoot at Poison ivey…

Gilmore, Bambi, Tarde, Lucky Charms, Shutterfly, Shear Conn, Epstein (Traitor!), Duvet, Mulligan (Fancy Feet), Water Wings, Dean (QIC)

Upon arriving, Epstein scoped out to see if any other Q’s were leading so he could half and half this posting like he did Monday…but since none were around…he and the other 10 were in for whatever Dean had in mind…it was also at this point that Duvet gave Epstein a lecture on proper attire when it’s 27 degrees out.  But Epstein, half man, half hair, was un-phased.

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Since it was cold, we headed out for a quick Turkey Trott Indian run to the first road and back before warm-a-rama to get warmed up.  Not a lot of mumblechatter here.  Maybe it was too cold, or maybe the Q was just that inspiring…likely the latter…

We then did warm-a-rama:

10x Dean Vigodas (Tarde commented that Dean is a Narcissist for calling the exercise by it’s informal name)

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10x Seam Ripper

11x Sun Gods/Schnooks/Reverse Sun Gods

10x Imperial Walker

We then moseyed to the Turkey Shoot at Kay‘s Wall.  Dean had put up a 24×36 printed turkey on Kay’s wall and brought the football out.  Five rounds of this:

Each PAX member takes turns throwing ball at turkey target.  While waiting PAX did certain exercise.  Penalty given when any PAX member missed the target.  It should be noted that Water Wings expanded the target to include the white paper.  Thus proving that the “everyone get’s a trophy generation” doesn’t just include millennials like me.

Image result for turkey cartoon

The target on the left was Dean’s vision.  The target on the right is Water Wing’s reality.

Image result for big target

Round #1 – SSH or Mountain Climbers – Penalty=5 Burpees

Round #2 – Lt. Dans – Penalty =5 burpees, reduced to 3 after PAX looked like the entire Virginia Tech Quarterback depth chart…

Round #3 – LBC – Penalty= 3 hand release merkins

Round #4 – Plank – Penalty=3 hand release merkins

Round #5 – Squats – Penalty = 3 Turkish Get-ups

Notable performances by Mulligan (renamed Fancy Feet for doing a scramble drill without pressure prior to throwing) and Duvet (who thought a 10-yard pass was just too much and went in front of the line of scrimmage)…

Here was Fancy Feet

Image result for qb scramble gif

And This was Duvet

Image result for past line of scrimmage gif

Additionally, this was Bambi at each of his turns walking up to the football

Image result for slowly walk gif

We then had to have FILLER because Dean’s turkey shoot didn’t take long enough.  So to the tables for Step-ups, Dips, and Derkins (or Lt. Dans since we didn’t get any of those during the actual Turkey shoot round thanks to Fancy Feet)

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Then a quick mosey to the lower parking for three rounds of sprints between lights, 50%, 75%, and 100%

Then time for Mary’s where Dean threw the football to Various PAX for them to lead ab exercises.  Mistakenly throwing to Shutterfly first, he proposed a jump squat exercise for Mary’s.  Ironically, this actually work’s Dean’s abs better than LBCs…but Shutterfly was quickly shamed for not understanding Mary’s and then we proceeded with some Cindy crawfords, leg raises, low slow flutters and Lucky Charms finished us off with Hammers.  Here was video of Shutterfly with complete confidence coming into Mary’s only to be surprised by what he slid in to..

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Rotary Club pancake feast – see Shear Conn for FREE tickets

5:30 Q tomorrow by Checkbook at 4th of July (NO STRETCHING)

Gilmore thanks for bikes for kids.  and BE THANKFUL that you have inlaws that are difficult, cause at least you got em!

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Shear Conn took us out

Always an honor,