Backblast: Poison Ivey Where It All Began in K-Ville

22 Pax in attendance: Tarde, Flounder, Chipper, Lucky Charms, Candy Cane, Sprinkler, Bartman, Red HOTT, Dean, Mall Cop, Epstein, Tater Hole, Special Ed, Tramp Stamp, Hardy, Sludge, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Fergie, Giselle,  CrankBait (Q)

We were honored today to have 2 guest attendees: Bartman joined us today from GSO and we finally got to meet the man behind one of the most unique F3 names I’ve heard…. Tater Hole.  I’m sure there’s a story there.

Warm-O-Rama:  We had a short warm-up because the Pax was so darn eager to get to the beat down.  The usual warm-ups were in place:  Side Stradle Hopping, Planking Jacks, and Sunny gods.  This was followed by a brief Indian Run mosey around the parking lot to see our pain stations for the morning group activities.

The Thang:

After a rigorous selection process we strategically divided up the Pax into 4 balanced groups based on age, height, social awkwardness, and IQ (you decide where you fit into these criteria based on the group you were in).  We then scurried off to the predetermined starting locations in the vast parking lot area.  If memory serves me correctly, here’s what you were supposed to do at each station:

Station 1 -located near the baseball field:

Round 1:  (20) Lt. Dans         Round 2:   (30) High Knees IC       Round 3:   (30) Squats

Mode of transport to next station:  Side Step Shuffle

Station 2- located at the picnic tables by baseball concessions:

Round 1:  (20) Monkey Humpers IC       Round 2:  (20 )Dips on picnic tables                             Round 3:  (20) Step ups each leg

Mode of transport to next station:  Sprint (admittedly, this was a stupid idea)

Station 3 – located near the hill of doom:

Round 1:  (25) Side Stradle Hops         Round 2:   (30) Goofballs IC                                      Round 3:   (20) Mountain Climbers

Mode of transport to next station:  Backwards run

Station 4- located near the convalescence center :

Round 1:  (20) Merkins        Round 2:   (30) Carolina Dry Docks                                            Round 3:   (20) Derkins

Mode of transport to next station:  Sprint (as mentioned above, not a good life decision)


What workout would be complete without laying down in a wet parking lot; so for these we did a few of the following:  Marge and Homer Simpsons, Superman with a twist of Iron Man thrown in, WWI’s, and American Hammers because we have not had any substance bans in this Olympics (that I’m aware of).

Our morning together was rounded out by lifting up a few friends in need and a praise for one of our own.  Congratulations to Fortran on the birth of his granddaughter, Harper.  I’m sure no one will be calling him Paw Paw from this group.

For our prayer requests we would like to lift up the following:  Keep the little girl Sophie that we have mentioned before and her health challenges;  Bartman’s friend’s father who had brain surgery yesterday (his name is Ralph), Steve’s co-worker who’s daughter has brain cancer.

Service opportunity for us on 3/3 after our Saturday workout to help move one of our church members (Marjorie Greer, otherwise know as GiGi) to her new home.  If you have a covered trailer or truck we can use…please let us know.

As always, it was an honor……