Backblast – Pain in the Park – Conveyor Belt Delight – Saturday 2/17/18

Pain in the Park – Conveyor Belt Delight –  Sat 2/17/18

Pax: Dr. Evil, Sludge, Foretran, Special Ed. Doubtfire, Thin Mint, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Blue Hen, Lucky Charm, Epstein, Dean, Chipper, Tenderfoot, Spurier & Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

Gather: 16 of Kernersville’s awakest gathered under starless skies to fill their souls with lactic acid via another Crawdaddy production.  With special guests Doubtfire and Spurier welcomed, and dispersion cast upon Trampstamp for fartsacking after his VQ.. No FNG, no disclaimer announced a mosey.


SSH – 15(IC), Dean Vigotas 10, Matt Biondi’s*** 10, Mt. Climbers 10(IC), Imperial Walkers

*** A new and exceptionally easy shoulder warm up exercise, that was overwhelmingly embraced by the entire pax and will surely be seen again.

Matthew Biondi is an American former competition swimmer, eleven-time Olympic medalist, and former world record-holder in five events. Biondi competed in the Summer Olympic Games in 1984, 1988 and 1992, winning a total of eleven medals (eight gold, two silver and one bronze).

Pax then took a long mosey around the school to stop at the lower ball field bus lot.

The Thang:

At each station the pax lined up and a single runner was sent out and back to “tag up” on the conveyor belt and send the next runner.  Upon the last runner finishing the entire pax would run out and back.

Station 1 (Ball Field Bus Lot) Stationary Pax did 10 Squats switch to 10 Merkins, repeat until tagged (RUT) for your turn. Runner ran across the lot to edge of the pavement and back.

Station 2 (Track) Stationary Pax  10 Split Jacks switch to 5 Burpees RUT.  Runner ran from monkey bars to end of trail ramp and back.

Station 3 (Bus stop benches) “Benches..we don’t need no stinking benches”… Stationary Pax 5 Step Ups (each Leg) switch to 10 Erkins RUT.  After looking over to see why Sprinkler was cursing and clutching his chest I caught a glimpse of his legs after the 3rd set…  nice bikini briefs BTW..

Pax then took a long Mosey around the block, if only to greet the neighborhood with some fine hair metal and squeeze in a few Monkey Humpers led by Sludge to passing traffic.

Station 4 (Flag Pole) Stationary Pax 10 Barhishnikovs switch to 10 Mt. Climbers RUT. Runner going to the flag pole and back, except Chipper who ran to Dairy-O by accident.  Halfway through this station on member of the PAX (I do not name names) who’s name rhymes with Fepstein pointed out that the QIC was not going all the way down on his Barishnikovs.. True.. but Only because he was concerned about Special Ed who was starting to resemble an unripe banana trying to peel itself.

Pax then mosey’d to BB court taking tame to once again greet passers by with a 10 count of Monkey Humpers . This time with Thin Mint taking the lead.

Feeling awkward but accomplished we moved on.

Station 5. (BBall Court) Pax took up positions on the outside perimeter with a single member going to the line to make 1 Free Throw.  Then relieve the next Pax who were completing the following )while awaiting, criticizing, encouraging and the obligatory pointing and laughing..):

WW1’s, Gorrilla Humpers, Split Jacks, Bobby Hurley’s and back to WW1s.

Skill levels varied widely from QIC and Checkbook hitting their first shot.

To others that had a more difficult time including Dean, Lucky Charm??, and Tenderfoot (shown below played by Kobe Bryant).

Abs fully worked out from laughing, we took our 6 for Mary.


Marge and Homer, Box Cutters, Freddie Mercs and American Hammers

Prayers and Praise:

Gilmore is to publish dates to help woman move within Kernersville.

A brief discussion was then had regarding motor skills and Matt Biondi’s, which Foretran so willingly showed he had a very limited skill set to bring to market…  Something to work on at home.

Sludge led us out.

Always a pleasure gents  – Crawdaddy

Soundtrack for this episode as follows:

It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and RollACDC

Lay it DownRatt

Eagles FlySammy Hagar

Tom Sawyer – Rush

DOAFoo Fighters

Be Good to Yourself – Journey

I Alone Live

Still of the NightWhitesnake

AlivePearl Jam

The Day that Never ComesMetallica