Poison Ivey August 22, 2018

Poison Ivey      August 22, 2018 31 Pax members decided to join the fun and festivities on this fine morning. The Pax included : WallE, Mulligan, Kay, Thumper, Blue Hen, Fortran, Kaizen, Duvet, YoYo, Bambi, Flounder, Gilmore, Checkbook, Sludge, Deliverance, Lucky Charms, Jitterbug, FannyPack, Crawdaddy, WaterWings, Dean, Redd Hott, Spicoli, Dr. Evil, Man Hands, … Continue reading Poison Ivey August 22, 2018

Corner Kicks

Poison Ivey Wednesday June 6th 25 Pax members with the Q.  Posted this perfect morning to see how F3 takes corner kicks. Pax: Dr Evil, Spicoli, Fortran, Dean, Pacer, Blue Hen, Radar, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Kay, Flounder, Yo-Yo, Gilmore, Special Ed, Fanny Pack, Epstein, Kryptonite, Crank Bait, Mulligan, Tool Time, Chipper, Chipper, Tender Foot, Red … Continue reading Corner Kicks