Pain in the Park, Ode to Fergie…and raising the bar

Pax: Tramp Stamp, Crankbait, Doubtfire, Deliverance, Gilmore, Special Ed, Fortran, Chipper (FNG), Kapernick, Blue Hen, Hobbes (FNG), Sprinkler, Doogie, Hardy, Yo Yo, Pacer, Dean, Sludge, Fergie, Flo Rida, Tightrope, Dr. Evil

Q: Dr. Evil

After apparently a too lengthy introduction–nailed the mission statement, by the way– we moseyed to the cul de sac for a bit of warming up…though Doogie impressed (distressed?) all by showing in his full Run DMC warmup suit…and Sludge already ran to the post office and back…

Warmarama–when you ask for it, you get it…and let the mumblechatter begin.  YHC did laugh to himself when someone mentioned that they thought that we were going to do a full workout of warmarama….and when one disloyal pax pointed out that YHC could dish criticism but couldn’t take it #ironsharpensiron and #selfhelpsection . 

  • SSH’s, 25 IC
  • Sun Gods, SS, 20 forward, 20 reverse, 20 forward, 20 reverse Tightrope continues to show that he’s a pure ninja with one foot up
  • Monkey Humpers, 25 IC
  • Peter Parkers, 25 IC
  • Lunges, 25 IC
  • Monkey Humpers, 25 IC, Baywatch Style  — perfect form by Fergie , #extrapractice?
  • Peter Parkers, 25 IC

Mosey to the Bus Parking Lot for The Thang, Part I

White Lines…

  • Start at the first line, run to the second one, put your lego on the line, return to the first line
  • As you go past the second line, grab your lego and move it to the third line.
  • Continue until your lego is on the farthest line.
  • THEN, start going backwards through the lines until the last person moves his lego to the last line.  #noplank, #noalgore  Kapernick led the pax for most of the time–big and fast, scary combination!  Of course, Gilmore was steady running down most of the Pax.  Deliverance continues to establish himself as a dominant player.  Yo Yo, with his recent leg shaving injury, impressively both modified and built the best lego shape of the entire pax…

Mosey to the Track for The Thang, Part II

Four Corners, with no study hall–Sanctions, we don’t need no stinkin’ sanctions

Count off by fours, working as teams, but numbers are for each Pax

Station 1:  100 Diamond Merkins, each Pax.  Doubtfire sporting the tank top to showcase those triceps.

Station 2: 1 Lap Bear Crawl, half way around and back…or all the way around…tclaps to Fortran, possibly the only one to make it the full way!  Tramp Stamp let caution go to the wind as he let his shirt ride up to show to the world his namesake #strongwork!  #stealyourface 

Station 3: 140 Curls, thanks to Flo Rida for demonstrating perfect form.  He questioned YHC’s motives, but–to his surprise–they were pure.  Flo Rida has perfect form.

Station 4: 40 Quadraphelia on the hill–great to have Sprinkler back–working hard after the infection from drinking from the stand pipe #lookuppotable.  Hardy was showing off his wet t-shirt form.

When you hesitate, take a break and run to the middle of the track and under the pole.  Move a brick from one hand to the other around the top side of the pole as you go under.  Drop the brick or knock over the pole, 5 burpee penalty.  Pacer showed classic soccer forward form by going slow to the pole and picking it up when it counts.

Finish before the last of of one of your team? Help the six until everyone is completed.

Everyone moves when the curling team finishes…..#needmoreblocks

Tclaps to Hobbes and Chipper, our two new FNG’s for their work.  They were in the group with YHC, and they were definitely putting in the effort.   Also to Blue Hen, working hard AND looking out for the FNG’s–much thanks.


  • American Hammer, 31 IC

Though Dean thought for sure that he had signed up for it, Crankbait stood firm today and did the devotional–thanks to both, and both worked hard.


Todd Aitken: from Asheboro (blue comet?), two kids, likes watching soccer, Runner but on couch now (spud?  tater? from Gilmore,; likes Panthers, Cubs (Cardinals), Hates the braves…CHIPPER! as in Chipper Jones…

Calvin Lewis, Winston Salem, works third shift at a corrugate company (box cutter); 3 kids, 37, 27 and 7 years old (second wind?), son played football at Wake Forest, Chris Paul’s dad is his cousin (name dropper?), guitar and bass, gospel rap band named Gate Keepers (le crae?), stage name is Calvination, but YHC decided on Hobbes.  It’s good to be king…

Welcome, Chipper and Hobbes!!  It’s an honor to have you with us!

Prayer concerns, Announcements:

  • Eddie Douglas at Forsyth Medical and his son, Tyler, who is taking care of everything, collecting money and cards for meals for Tyler
  • is a thing!  Check it out–posts will be there.
  • Sprinkler, thanks for prayers after his mysterious illness, and he’s getting ready for the next mud run
  • Yo Yo for his repeating injuries (great to have him out, modify, my friend!)
  • Fortran is going to the Grandfather Mountain hike…if you haven’t heard….
  • B3 at 421 Market & Grill, 5-7 Sunday Night!

Always an honor, hope you got enough.

Dr. Evil