7/17/17 When Dean Doesn’t Show-up

It was another day for Tarheel fans and since Dean wasn’t there to steal the Q, CrankBait stepped in for the workout since he was already prepared.  Another great turnout by the Pax to enjoy the island breezes on the court.

Pax:  Hardy, Blue Hen, Alpo, Gilmore, Sludge, Kay, FloRida, Gisselle, Fortran, Tarde, Epstein, Tramp Stamp, Crawdaddy, Chipper, Dr. Evil, Spicoli, Flounder

Q: CrankBait

Due to the extended warmarama from Evil on Saturday, we had and abbreviated one today. The Pax took a short mosey to the parking lot beside the baseball field.

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Sun gods (sobriety style of course) x 15 forward , x 15 reverse
  • Plankjacks x 20

Mosey to the basketball court for the Thang that started out by pairing up.

  • From the baseline partner 1 did suicides forward and a run back to partner # 2 to switch out.
  • On the baseline, the Pax performed the following exercises:
    • (100) Goofballs IC
    • (100) WWI sit-ups
    • (150) Merkins
    • (200) Squats
    • (150) Smurfjacks IC
  • Since we had plenty of time remaining we were able to Rinse and Repeat with 1/2 the count.


PAX then circled up to do the crowd favorite Howling Monkeys starting with 3 each while everyone held position ….. until Evil had the bright idea to do a 10 count and on that note we went back around again.

Following 2 rounds of Monkey Humpers the PAX were on their sixes for a few sessions with Homer and Marge.  Since Krytonite was unable to join us due to his vacation flight to China, we were face down for the Falling Superman.  To round out our sweat-fest, we had to close out with 20 Hammers.

Prayer Concerns and Announcements

  • Eddie Douglas at Forsyth Medical and his son, Tyler.  Where possible we should continue to support them with restaurant gift cards and prayers for both.
  • Continued prayers for ToTo and his family in Uganda
  • CrankBait still collecting items for the Homeless ministry that he email the Pax last week.
  • Fortran still looking for a camping buddy this weekend at the Grandfather Mountain excursion with the Greensboro Pax.
  • Keep Hobbes in our prayers
  • Reach out to any guys who we haven’t seen in awhile.
  • Let Kay know if you didn’t get an invite to join Slack.
  • Keep Alpo in our prayers
  • Big thanks to Kay for all his work on our website

Gentlemen – Thank you for the opportunity.



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