Week Late Backblast (sorry!)

Date: 5/8/19 Q: Kay Pax: Sprinkler, Elaine, Whamo, Slice and dice, Mulligan, Waterwings, Flounder, Dr Evil, Blue Hen, Radar, Deliverance, Fortran, Boone's farm, Checkbook, Epstein, Sludge, Pacer, KayWarm-a-rama Warm-a-rama 20 x SSH10 x Squeal Billies15 x Sun Gods15 x Windmills15 x Peter Parkers15 x Parker Peters10 x Cotton Pickers15 x Thighmasters The Thang Partner upBoth … Continue reading Week Late Backblast (sorry!)

Thunder Q

Pax: Mulligan, Shear Conn, Elaine, Cousin Eddie, Whamo, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Sludge, Slice and Dice, Florida, Far Side, Checkbook, Spicoli, Epstein, Deliverance Dean, Kay, U-boat (Welcome) Q: Kay Pax gathered in the convalescence center with the threat of the thunderstorm. As everyone got comfortable being under the shelter the Q resolved to make everyone uncomfortable … Continue reading Thunder Q


Thank for the opportunity to lead! I am still trying to figure out the area and enjoyed visiting several different areas. Q: Kay Pax: Kay, Sludge, Epstein, Gilmore, Dr. Evil, Checkbook, Wammo, Radar, Mulligan, Sprinkler, Deliverance, Elaine, Wolverine After a terrible disclaimer that makes checkbook question all of the F3 gear he has ever bought. … Continue reading In-Kaydence

Flounder @ Northern Aggression.

Back Blast- Northern Aggression: 13 PAX braved the last-minute mad rush to do some window shopping in Up-Down K-Vegas this morning: Dr. Evil, Radar, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Mulligan, Tardy, Pacer, Kay, Sludge, Boone’s Farm, Wham O, Checkbook, Q – Flounder. W-A-R – Bank Parking Lot Seal Jacks Cotton Pickers Finkle Swings – Sprinkle called cadence … Continue reading Flounder @ Northern Aggression.

Feats of Strength – Inflatable vest

Bambi, Checkbook, Red hot, Dean, Crankbait, Wamm-o, Water Wings, Man Hands, Kizen, Deliverance, Tarde, Radar, Boone Farm, Serta, Sludge, Duvet, Gilmore, Chipper, Epstein, Jitterbug, Thumper, Thin Mint, Dr. Evil, Florida, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Gilmore, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Kay I think I got everyone!  I only had to listen to the recording 20 times. Warm-a-rama - See … Continue reading Feats of Strength – Inflatable vest