10/19/2020 – Backblast – FEATS of STRENGTH

 7 Loyal FOS PAX plus 1 lonely self-quarantining PAX gathered on this crisp fall morning to get stronger. ( @Hook em, @deliverance, @Dr. Evil, @Epstein, @Tarde, @Fortran, THC Flounder and the lonely @Checkbook from afar).  After a quick F3 disclaimer and we headed for a 3 minute mosey through the park before starting Warmaroma. Mubblechatter from @Fortran started immediately since he only came to FOS because we don’t run.

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Seam Rippers

Thang: Feats of Strength workout went like this: 10 station set (3 sets) 45 seconds of high intensity work with 15 seconds of rest between stations. Combo Corners

  • Station #1 – Alternating Lunges w/ Lateral Shoulder Raises
  • Station #2 – Dips
  • Station #3 – Derkins
  • Station #4 – Squat w/ Front Shoulder Raises
  • Station #5 – Ad Wheel
  • Station #6 – Man Maker’s
  • Station #7 – Curls
  • Station #8 – Arnold Overhead Press
  • Station #9 – Dead Lift w/ Front Row
  • Station #10 – Shoulder Shrugs (2 CMU Block)

Let be known I actually got a compliment on my music selection from @Dr. Evil. That made my day because he usually gives me grief for my commercial filled free Pandora.

Mary: LBC’s (Arm Stretches), (Pretzel Crunches 10 IC ea side), (Box Cutters 15 IC ea side), (Superman 1 minute) American Hammers (20 IC)

Prayer concern: @Dr. Evil’s sister Barbara going through chemo treatments, @Tarde nephew battle Covid-19, men and women in blue.

@Dr Evil took us out.

Thanks for letting me lead. Hope you got enough shoulder work in!