2020-01-17 The Trial of Dean the Q

22ish PAX (no cell phones allowed in the senate proceedings so I didn’t have my phone. Dr. Evil graciously hid his and recorded the names at the end…)

We began with a quick disclaimer and Nancy Crawdaddy Pelosi led us to the cul-de-sac as the articles of impeachment made their way to the senate.

Image result for walking articles of impeachment
The Team taking the articles to the senate


20x Schiff Straddle Hops (Hold neck high)

Dean Vigodas led by Speaker Nancy Crawdaddy Pelosi

Sun Circles led by house manager #1 (Far Side) – Sun “Circles” because the democrats took God out of their platform in 2016. So Sun Gods would be inappropriate here.

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Just when you thought Far Side couldn’t talk Junk….Clemson goes out and beats Dook and He reloads the arrows….

Imperial Squat walkers led by Checkbook (House manager #2)

Nancy Crawdaddy Pelosi leads us to the outdoor amphitheater

Before we get there STOP – have to pass USMCA (15x Step-ups, 20x dips, 25x irkins)

First Article of Impeachment – Abuse of power – 10 Ukranian Burpees (5 second hold at bottom of push-up). This was loved and hated by the PAX.

Then house manager #1 Far Side picked (2) exercises

Nancy Crawdaddy Pelosi Leads us (travel method was his choice – Indian Run inspired by Elizabeth warren) to the bus parking area. Run suicides to symbolize the entire process

Image result for elizabeth warren gif
The expression all the PAX had during the indian run

Second Article of Impeachment – Obstructing Congress…I forgot to mention that this article dates back all the way to the time that Dean stole the Q from Crankbait. House manager #2 picks (2) sets of exercises. Checkbook chose dips and backwards running.

Deans’ then mounted his Defense – On the way to his defense, we waited for the sixth by doing Ukrainian get-ups (Turkish getup with 5x LBC at bottom) 7s of Inverted rows and squats.  Fortran channeled his inner Congressman Hank Johnson asking about what 7s were

Image result for guam sinking gif
Fortran asking about 7s

We then headed to a picnic shelter for Himalayan humpers to symbolize past impeachment trials. References to the definition of the word “is” were heard from Adam Gilmore Schiff.

Then to the Far Side tennis courts for Mary’s.


Quid Pro Joes:  Jellyfish – AMRAP until one pax finishes doing 15x burpees. I believe Pencil neck himself, Adam Gilmore Schiff, did these for us. This exercise was based on the real Ukrainian quid pro quo where Joe Biden withheld aid so that a prosecutor investigating his son would get fired (and then bragged about it!)

House manager #1 Far Side Final Case – Low Slow flutters

House Manager #2 Checkbook Final Case – LBCs

A formal vote was taken and Dean was not removed from office, so he lead American hammers to conclude it

Dr. Evil has names, prayer requests, and announcements.

Image result for pelosi pens
Meanwhile Nancy Crawdaddy Pelosi handed out commemorative Pens! Shear Conn (Soulmate) already put his up for sale on slack..

Gilmore took us out.

An honor to not be removed from office,


Image result for trump smile gif
Dean after being acquitted..