Backblast – Pain in the Park – January 26, 2019

18 PAX, including the Q gathered in the chilly gloom for a morning of fun in the basic shapes of geometry: squares, ovals, circles, and rectangles. PAX were: Checkbook, FNG Dave Danner, Duvet, Epstein, Bambi, Man Hands, Boones Farm, Mulligan, FloRida, Tramp Stamp, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Sprinkler, Chipper, Fortran, Water Wings, DoubtFire (QIC). Many thanks to Duvet and others who helped our FNG with learning the exercises.

After the disclaimer was read, we learned that Dr. Evil is queen at holding onto grudges as he said I forgot to mention that the PAX may hear music that they really don’t want to hear (it’s been nearly 5 months, Evil). After assuring him that there would be none of that today, we moseyed. When we passed the Cat Lady circle, several PAX were confused and the mumble chatter started in earnest. It appeared they really didn’t know what to do. QIC politely ignored them and kept going to the parking lot in front of the school auditorium for the:

Confused Bird Box GIF by Fluffy Friends - Find & Share on GIPHY
Several PAX looked like this when we passed the cat lady circle


Smurf Jacks x15
Sun Gods, Sobriety Style, x12 each direction
Drop n Touch x15
Pattycake Planks with Partner x15

Mosey to the back parking lot for

The Thang

Thang 1 (Square)
Four Corners
Corner 1 – 20 Lt Dans, bunny hop to corner 2
Corner 2 – 40 Plank jacks (single count), karaoke to corner 3
Corner 3 – 60 Bobby Hurley’s, long jump to corner 4
Corner 4 – 80 LBC’s (single count), wait for six to finish
Mosey to the track

Thang 2 (Oval)
Partner up at the track
Partner 1 runs backwards halfway around the track, then forwards for the other half
Partner 2 does gorilla humpers while partner 1 runs
Partners swap and repeat

Rinse and Repeat, with the exercise being WWI’s

Mosey to the hill behind the drop off benches

Thang 3 (Circle)
Clock Merkins – Top of the Hill is 12 o’clock
Do 5 derkins at 12 o’clock
Do 5 right side merkins at 3 o’clock
Do 5 erkins at 6 o’clock
Do 5 left side merkins at 9 o’clock

Rinse and Repeat, increasing count to 10 at each stop
Walk to side school entryway.

Thang 4
QIC had to improvise some here because PAX were completing exercises a bit faster than expected. So we gathered at the stop sign for a AYG run to the stop sign at the road, then moseyed back. Sludge gave us a 10 count at the end.
Then on to the benches again with partners. Partner 1 did 25 total step ups while partner 2 did WWII’s in the parking lot
Mosey to the field in front of the school.

Thang 5 (Rectangle)
8 cones were laid out on the field in a rectangular format
PAX started at cone 1 with 1 burpee
Bear crawl to 2nd cone and perform 2 burpees
Crab walk to 3rd cone and perform 3 burpees
Continue alternating bear crawls and crab walks and increase number of burpees at each cone by 1. Total 36 burpees.
FloRida gave us a 10 count at the end.
Walked to the end of the field
Moseyed back to the basketball courts for:

Cindy Crawfords x12 each side
Box Cutters x12
Supermans, 3 set varying arms out front, to the side and to the back
Hammers x20

Welcome to new FNG Dave Danner. Came to NC with the Marine Core at Cherry Point and has been in NC ever since. Works for a trucking company, is a Kansas Jayhawk fan, brews beer on the side, invited by Deliverance. After a few different names were thrown out, Pogue (which Man Hands seemed to be the only one who understood), Snowman, Wildcat, McFly, Biff, Rizzo, Far Side (Dr Evil didn’t remember that we already have one of those, apparently), Pig Pen. Some consensus built around Pig Pen, so Pig Pen it is. Welcome Pig Pen!

Sludge Fest II tonight at 6:30 at Sludge’s house. See 2nd F for address and details. Remember $16 each person, BYOB and bring hats/gloves/coats for Crankbait’s homeless project. Please don’t park in neighbor’s yards or Sludge’s yard.
Q sheet is open

Prayer Concerns
Checkbook – a branch was robbed yesterday on University Parkway. Couple of ladies had guns pointed at them…very scary.
Doubtfire – Coworker Stefan Giovan’s son James had heart surgery on Thursday (4 months old), the second one of potentially three. Long road ahead for them.

Sludge led us out.

I think I saw Tarde coming in at 7:30, right on time for some more geometry.

Thanks of the opportunity to lead the Q this morning, gentlemen. Always an honor.