Back Blast Pain in the Park Virgin Q

13 PAX assembled for the train wreck.  Dr. Evil, Chipper, FLoRider, Epstein, Duvet, Gillmore, Pacer, Sludge, Deliverance, Doubtfire, Lucky Charms, Checkbook, and Sprinkler.  Q Man Hands

Circled up in the cul de sac for the Warm o rama

SSH x 20 IC

Nancy Kerigan x 10 IC

Abe Vagodas x 10 IC

Chinooks x 10 IC

Q realized that counting while trying to exercise and surrounded by mumble chatter is difficult

PAX began the Bataan Death March

Lined up single file and began running while the last member completed 5 burpees.  Once the burpees were completed you ran to the front of the still running PAX and the last man stopped to do his 5 burpees.  Cycled through the PAX once.  Pacer lurked in the shadows.

We returned to the cul de sac for the bear crawl inch worm.  Pax lined up single file and held plank while the last man in line bear crawled to the front.  Cycled through the PAX once.  Pacer lurked in the shadows.

Pax moseyed to the back parking lot for a rousing round of 11’s including explosive Lt. Dans and Carolina Dry Docks separated by a brief mosey.  Pacer lurked in the shadows.

Epstein blessed the PAX with a 10 count.

Squerkins 20 OYO:  If you don’t know look it up.

Gilmore disappeared.

Broad Jump Burpees from one end of the back parking lot to the other and return.  Pacer lurked in the shadows.

Gilmore reappeared.

Then the PAX walked like an egyptian.  PAX lined up and stepped forward and held a lunge and the last man ran to the front.  Upon arrival the PAX switched legs and held another lunge until the new last man ran to the front.  We covered the back parking lot.  Pacer lurked in the shadows.

Q called Omaha and the PAX moseyed to the BBall court for Mary

American Hammers x 30 IC

Prayer Requests

Mulligans Family cancer reappeared

Man Hands friend Brandon B. being taken off life support this mourning.

Dr. Evil’s sister Barbra, cancer treatments.

Bike donations distribution date Nov. 18th.  Come if you can families are welcomed.

Flo Rida closed us in Prayer


Big thanks to the PAX for accepting me and allowing me to lead.