Backblast – Flash Bang Far Side Friday

11 faithful PAX, Man Hands, Checkbook, Far Side, Hanson, Deliverance, Sludge, Tarde, Duvey, Crawdaddy, Epstein, and Dean joined me(QIC) in the rain for a wonderful Friday workout.  Although, Checkbook seemed to want to take over as he had already procured the convalescent center in hopes of a rain free workout.  Nay, I say.  With no FNGs and no disclaimer we moseyed on the trail for a little warming up run.  Upon circling back to the convalescent, the QIC appropriately turned off the lights, much to the dismay of the majority.  From there we moseyed to the cul-de-sac for warm-o-rama, which consisted of; helicopters, chinooks, cotton pickers, and imperial walkers.  At this point, I was feeling a little democratic and asked for a vote; outside or convalescent center?  Far Side cast the unanimous vote for outside.  Upon the tally of the union we moseyed to the bus lot and enjoyed the first round of the thang.

Starting at the lines perform one exercise and the prescribed reps.  Proceed to every other line and perform the remaining exercises and prescribed reps and so forth.  The QIC gave a gift to the PAX by allowing them to pick their own mode of travel between lines.  YHC was impressed that most of the PAX were doing something other than walking between lines.  YHC walked.  The exercises were;

               # of reps each round
Round 1         Round 2          Round 3

Crab Cakes (IC)                  1                        2                         3
Burpee                                     2                       4                         6
Walkout                                  3                       6                         9
Mtn Climber (IC)               4                       8                        12
Lunge                                       5                      10                      15

The rain began to come down with more volume and YHC, feeling guilty for making the PAX work in the rain, decided to mosey to the convalescent center for the remainder.

Once removed from the elements we performed;

Round 1          Round 2         Rinse and Repeat

Car. Dry Docks                  5                          10                             5/10
LBCs (IC)                             10                         15                            10/15
Step Ups/ea leg               15                         20                            15/20
Shoulder Taps                  20                         25                            20/25
Dips                                       25                         30                            25/30

The warmth that the PAX generated during these four rounds was just unbelievable, so  much so, they were very generous with their “complements”.

Mary then called; Cindy Crawfords, dying cockroaches, freddy mercury’s, and merican hammers.

Dr. Evil’s sister
Mulligan’s family;  April to have surgery early December to remove some organs.  Unfortunately, cancer has returned to Alexis’s spine.  They are all at St Jude for Alexis to start chemo orally and intravenously.
Far Side’s previous co-worker with stage 4 cancer.
Friend of Man Hands, Brandon B, in a coma from a heart attack at 36 years old.

November 18 and the delivery of bicycles led by Gilmore
Crankbait’s collecting of warm clothes for the homeless
Q schedule is open
Man Hand’s VQ on Saturday, October 27th.

Checkbook’s daughter and her first time to perform necessary chest compressions for 26 mins which helped to save the gentleman’s life.
Far Side moved by the positive outlook of a young cancer patient he had the pleasure of meeting while drawing at Brenners.

I apologize if I missed anything; always an honor and pleasure to join you all.

Far Side led us out.