Poison Ivey, On The Otter Hand….

Date: 10/4/2017

Pax: Radar, Sludge, Crankbait, Tarde, Spicoli, Sprinkler, Giselle, Tramp Stamp, Fortran, Gilmore, Lucky Charms, Flounder, Hardy, Pacer, Deliverance, Checkbook, Kay, Chipper, Dr. Evil

Nineteen loyal pax joined together in the clear, autumn  coolness to experience a bit of frolicking like fun-loving otters.  Having arrived just before the start time, YHC did not receive one of the WWSD (What Would Sludge Do?) bracelets….  Let the mumblechatter begin.

Mosey to the lower end of the parking lot for Warmarama

Gilmore and Lucky Charms were noticeably quarantined, such that Gilmore had to ask, “What, doesn’t anyone else fart?”  There was no comforting….

  • No fly zone ssh’s, 25 IC–Chipper refused to be grounded for these, going with the full on SSH’s
  • Imperial Walkers,  25 IC
  • Peter Parkers, 20 IC
  • Abe Vigodas, 15 IC
  • Sun Gods, Thumbs Down, 20 IC, Reverso–I’m not sure, Spicoli, but thumbs down bother YHC more this way, too.  It’s supposed to be hard.

The Thang

Partner up–someone your own size, and with an odd number YHC joined Flounder and Deliverance only to hear Tramp Stamp say something about “Small Lives Matter” later during the workout….

Otter Play, Part I

  • One partner planks, other jumps across, does a merkin, then planks
  • Second partner jumps across partner, does a merkin, then planks
  • Rinse and repeat across soccer field, penalty for spreading out

YHC noticed that Crankbait at this point just looked mad….could be for the cold/wet conditions??

Otter Play, Part II

  • Partner 1 holds plank
  • Partner two crawls under Partner 1, holds a plank
  • Reverso, repeato back across soccer field–crowd favorite, as the fields had apparently been irrigated earlier in the morning.  Sprinkler was completely at home in this environment….So much for the dry confines that could have been enjoyed almost everywhere else in the park…more mumblechatter…

Otter Play, Part III

  • Partner 1 hold reverse plank on hill–
  • Partner II runs to far side of field and does 15 hand release merkins
  • Swap and repeato for three sets

Kay was completely confused by this whole part of the workout–regular plank at first, no hand release merkins on opposite side.  Shivering like a chihuahua without a sweater, he might have been suffering from hypothermia….

but, alas, he smoked the field AND found time to critique YHC’s form on his plank, justifiably….

Otter Play, Part IV

  • Feet to feet for WWII sit-ups
  • At top of sit up, knuckle bump
  • Repeato for 50 reps–no, not 25 for each… a solid 50 for everyone

Otter Play, Part V

  • Leap otter to opposite side of the field
  • Leap otter to return

Pacer, who had sworn that he was not getting in the grass on the ride over, participated admirably….probably hitting the neti pot already….

Otter Play, Part VI

  • Partner 1, Leg lift at 6″
  • Partner 2, run to opposite side of field, 5 burpees
  • Reverso, Repeato for 2 cycles

It is maddening to how easy it looks for Giselle…just not freakin’ fair.  BTW, where the heck is Running Man, Fergie??  Seven miles well done over the weekend…Checkbook continues to impress–persistence = improvement every week #initforthelonghaul #welldone


  • Low slow flutters, BWS, 25 IC (Credit to Sludge who said “no” to the foretold 25 number but completed them.)
  • Crunchy frogs, 20 IC
  • American Hammers, 25 IC

Announcements:  (with Radar wearing no shoes–for how long??)

  • Hands Day, MSUMC, Hardy and Fortran going to Children’s Home for Service Project.  Somehow by simply repeating Hardy, Fortran, Fortran, Hardy…..Fortran thought we would be impressed by the number of volunteers already signed up for the project
  • Oct. 14th, Brunswick Stew at 421–need a big turnout, just for the men
  • First Baptist Church, helping kids with homework, 5:30-7:00
  • Kay’s Sleepover, November 11th, everyone come, need to know by end of October

Prayer Concerns:

  • Vegas shooting victims and families
  • 5 killed in GSO car wreck
  • Gilmore led us out after 22 for the veterans

Always an honor, Gentlemen!

Dr. Evil