Back-Blast – Eight Rounds, No Running!

Fifteen!! PAX posted including Tarde, Blue Hen, Crawdaddy, Deliverance, Boones Farm, Water Wings, Checkbook, Handy, Crankbait, Sprinker, Shear Conn, Cousin Eddy, Flounder, Gilmore, Epstein posted near the end of last week and were better for it. After a disclaimer as crisp and sweet as the gloom in the air we moseyed to the cul-de-sac for … Continue reading Back-Blast – Eight Rounds, No Running!

Soakin’ Up Some Dew

Sixteen willing participants showed up in the perfect weather of the Gloom this morning to get stronger and invigorate and unlock their potential for male leadership in their community. Monet, Kay, Change Order, Weezey, Flounder, Mulligan, Flo'Rida, Crawdaddy, Deliverance, Water Wings, Gilmore, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Boones Farm, Epstein posted and shared time working through … Continue reading Soakin’ Up Some Dew

Backblast – Flashbang Last Friday

Fourteen PAX were curious and willing to post on an unseasonably hot morning. Those who enjoyed the festivities included Sac, Florida, Boones Farm, Flounder, Gilmore, Blue Hen, Water Wings, Red Hot (Cotters!), Crankbait, Checkbook, Pacer, Far Side, Deliverance, Epstein. Warm-O-Rama: Slow-straddle hop x 10 IC + sun gods x 10 IC (Reverso) + Abe V's … Continue reading Backblast – Flashbang Last Friday

If I can’t do it i can always still sign up to Q it 6-18-21

Far side, Gilmore, Crankbait, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Handy, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Fudd, Shercon, Monet, Lucky Charms, Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Check Book and QIC 16 with the Q the respects represented with 10 nice showing from the respects. Everyone worked hard and I hope got enough. WAR: Abes, Seam Rippers, Side Straddle Hops, Mt Climbers, Shoulder … Continue reading If I can’t do it i can always still sign up to Q it 6-18-21

Mystery Q

22 with the Q posted this morning. Lucky Charms, Epstein, Duvet, Mulligan, Bambi, Chipper, Elaine, Fudd, Slice & Dice, Boons Farm, Crawdaddy, Special Hernia, Check Book, Water Wings, Sheercon, Flounder, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Dean, Madoff, Florida, and Sludge. Short mosey to the warm up circle and then to the basketball court for Warmarama. Deans, Cotton Pickers, … Continue reading Mystery Q

Flash Bang Friday June 28th The Pax and 2 FNG’s  Posted this Humid Summer morning to meet Sally.  There are a few Pax that did not know Sally but they sure do now!!!  Thanks for the Q Yorkie. Pax: Mulligan, Kay, Brass Monkey, Water Wings, Lucky Charms, Jordache, Yorkie, Far Side, Flounder, Dr. Evil, Boons … Continue reading

F3 Democracy! Backblast for 2/8/19 Flash Bang Friday

Credit where credit is due...Bambi started us down this path toward a more inclusive and vibrant Democracy, with crowd-sourced music selections for his Q at Poison Ivey. It was awesome! Inspired by that, I bring you a bold new experiment in Democracy, F3 style. Of course Democracy can be a bit messy... ...but it … Continue reading F3 Democracy! Backblast for 2/8/19 Flash Bang Friday