12/27/21 feats of strength backblast

During gathering time, it was an auspicious start for Ziggy, who "presented herself" to Gilmore... And Gilmore fully embraced the invitation WAR SSH x25icSeam rippers x25icHelicopters x12.5icChinooks x12.5ic Boot campers followed Checkbook to their peril. YHC led FOS strongmen to the safety of the BB court, for a 4 station workout... Station 1 Wonderbras x10AH … Continue reading 12/27/21 feats of strength backblast

Flashbang Friday Backblast 12/10/21

WAR SSHSeam rippersDean vigodasMountain climbersNancy Kerrigans (it's in the Exicon) The Thang - game of chance Basketball court - Partner upRoll dice for exercisesPartner 1 does the rolled exercisePartner 2 runs around the skate park (the timer)SwitchTunes from Trans Siberian Orchestra The blank sides meant "Ladies Choice" Started with two "training" rolls of the dice, … Continue reading Flashbang Friday Backblast 12/10/21