Street Corners

Backblast for Northern Aggression 6/1/22. Blue Hen posted early for extra credit. Tclaps. Dr Evil posted with 30 seconds until launch. I approve. WAR @field in park TTT x20IC Seal jacks x20IC Chinooks x10IC fwd x10IC revNancy Kerrigan's sister x10IC fwd x10IC rev Ziggy dropped a duece in the WAR circle. The circle of Pax was reconfigured … Continue reading Street Corners


Flashbang Friday Backblast 5/27/22. YHC arrived early enough to pull F3 bricks from the shed for some fun. WAR SSH x15IC (Skunk smell was very strong, so we relocated from WAR circle) Seam rippers x15IC Hold stretch each sideNancy Kerrigan x15IC fwd and rev Mountain climbers x15IC  The Thang - bricks Each pax grabbed 1 brick from … Continue reading “Bricks”

Free Beer Friday Backblast 4/29/22

(Formerly Flashbang Friday) Early mumblechatter focused on Boone's Farm rolling in at exactly 5:30. YHC was impressed by such time precision. Then as WAR commenced, Fortran did a disappearing act with his arms. WARSSH x15ICMountain climbers x15ICHillbillies x15ICNancy Kerrigans x15IC fwd and rev The THANG Mosey around the main loop of the park for FREE … Continue reading Free Beer Friday Backblast 4/29/22