Flashbang Friday Backblast 10/28/22 “Spooky Woods”

Pax gathered for a reboot of a fun workout from 2 years ago: Gilmore, Hook Em, Water Wings, Boones Farm, Sludge, Dr Evil, Grey Water, Cousin Eddie, Shear Conn, Mulligan, Fortran, Monet, Handy, Fudd, and YHC Tardy. WAR SSHFrankensteinsMountain climbers (or spiderman, whatever you want to call it)Stretch left and right TTT During WAR we paused … Continue reading Flashbang Friday Backblast 10/28/22 “Spooky Woods”

8-19-22 Backblast “no respect birthday”

For YHC's last "no respect birthday", I wanted to do something the Pax would find... memorable. Upcoming Honey Bee festival meant the park entrance was closed. Thanks crawdaddy for calling an audible to gather at the bus benches. It takes a village. WAR SSHTTTHelicoptersMountain Climbers 5 Merkins OYO The Thang We moseyed to places. We … Continue reading 8-19-22 Backblast “no respect birthday”

Street Corners

Backblast for Northern Aggression 6/1/22. Blue Hen posted early for extra credit. Tclaps. Dr Evil posted with 30 seconds until launch. I approve. WAR @field in park TTT x20IC Seal jacks x20IC Chinooks x10IC fwd x10IC revNancy Kerrigan's sister x10IC fwd x10IC rev Ziggy dropped a duece in the WAR circle. The circle of Pax was reconfigured … Continue reading Street Corners