If I can’t do it i can always still sign up to Q it 6-18-21

Far side, Gilmore, Crankbait, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Handy, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Fudd, Shercon, Monet, Lucky Charms, Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Check Book and QIC 16 with the Q the respects represented with 10 nice showing from the respects. Everyone worked hard and I hope got enough. WAR: Abes, Seam Rippers, Side Straddle Hops, Mt Climbers, Shoulder … Continue reading If I can’t do it i can always still sign up to Q it 6-18-21

Tally of Sludge Week Workouts

SludgeWeekMondayWednesdayThursdayFridayTotalSludgeXXX3SpecialXXX3MadoffXXX3Water WingsXXX3SprinklerXXX3Blue HenXX2DuvetXX2MulliganXX2CrankbaitXX2GilmoreXX2CrawDaddyXX2TenderfootXX2CubeXX2MonetXX2Tent CityXX2CheckbookX1KayX1FuddX1WolverineX1Candy CaneX1LuckyX1Hook EmX1FlounderX1BambiX1Change OrderX1Dr. EvilX1BroadSideX1WheezyX1Tardy0Elaine048 We have 4 Pax who are in the running for the participation trophy for Sludge Week. They have all signed up for tomorrows Q. We might have to have a Dance off after the COT. Place you bets Crawdaddy is holding the money the bet window opens … Continue reading Tally of Sludge Week Workouts