Mystery Q

22 with the Q posted this morning. Lucky Charms, Epstein, Duvet, Mulligan, Bambi, Chipper, Elaine, Fudd, Slice & Dice, Boons Farm, Crawdaddy, Special Hernia, Check Book, Water Wings, Sheercon, Flounder, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Dean, Madoff, Florida, and Sludge. Short mosey to the warm up circle and then to the basketball court for Warmarama. Deans, Cotton Pickers, … Continue reading Mystery Q

Flash Bang Friday June 28th The Pax and 2 FNG’s  Posted this Humid Summer morning to meet Sally.  There are a few Pax that did not know Sally but they sure do now!!!  Thanks for the Q Yorkie. Pax: Mulligan, Kay, Brass Monkey, Water Wings, Lucky Charms, Jordache, Yorkie, Far Side, Flounder, Dr. Evil, Boons … Continue reading

Banana Splits

Flash Bang Friday   November 16, 2018   27 Pax members with the Q.  Posted this in preparation for Banana Splits. Pax: Boons Farm, Far Side, Serta, Special Ed, Crank Bait, Dean, Kay, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Epstein, Lucky Charms, Pacer, Fortran, Blue Hen, Sprinkler, Chipper, Deliverance, Flounder, Tender Foot, Gilmore, and Check Book   Q: Sludge … Continue reading Banana Splits