Back blast – Skate Rats Neighborhood Style

11 PAX gathered for a mosey around the neighborhood directly across from the park. PAX: Flounder, Bidet, Sprinkler, Change Order, Monogamous, Tardy, Dr. Evil, Far Side, Water Wings, Sludge, Whamo (Q). Warmorama A short mosey to the basketball court to get us started. Side Straddle HopsAbe VigodaSun GodsSanuks5 Burpees thanks to Tardy being late The … Continue reading Back blast – Skate Rats Neighborhood Style

Backblast – Northern Aggression 7/31/2019

20 PAX turned out to run a few hills in the gloom Pax: Whamo (QIC), Flounder, Water Wings, Fortrane, Boones Farm, Lovie, Gilmore, Pacer, Checkbook, Slice & Dice, Jane, Dr Evil, Madoff, Elaine, Sludge, Kay, Epstein, Deliverance, Radar, Blue Hen Warmorama After a very brief safety reminder, we began a short mosey opposite started in … Continue reading Backblast – Northern Aggression 7/31/2019