Red White & Boom – Ladder Up

An energetic array of pax used all 10 fingers to count the reps behind the schoolhouse in the crisp November Gloom: Cat Circle Warmarama: Side Straddle Hops, SunGods (Ziggy's new favorite), Seam Rippers, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers Strong men and coupon clippers followed Deliverance to the weight room; Remainder moseyed emptyhanded to the bus lot for: … Continue reading Red White & Boom – Ladder Up

Northern Aggression: F3 Decathlon

A CSAUP Production The Pax: Flounder, Blue Hen, Checkbook, Wham-O, Fortran, Sprinkler, Epstein, Boone's Farm, FloRida (QIC) Warmarama:10 each: Side Straddle Hops, Chinooks, SunGods, Don Q, Seam Rippers, Peter Parkers The Decathlon. The greatest Olympic challenge. One competitor takes on 10 events in a test of speed, strength and endurance. Lacking Olympic facilities (not to … Continue reading Northern Aggression: F3 Decathlon

Flash Bang Friday, June 24, 2021. Tax Burden

Eighteen eager pax assembled in unseasonably fresh weather to begin the end of the week with movement and mumblechatter. The Pax: Epstein, Dr Evil, Crawdaddy, Pacer, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Far Side, Handy, Boone's Farm, Blue Hen, Change Order, ShearCon, Flounder, Gilmore, Chipper, Kay, Wham-O, FloRida (QIC) Chatter started fast and spicy, and the Warmarama followed … Continue reading Flash Bang Friday, June 24, 2021. Tax Burden