Red White & Boom – Ladder Up

An energetic array of pax used all 10 fingers to count the reps behind the schoolhouse in the crisp November Gloom: Cat Circle Warmarama: Side Straddle Hops, SunGods (Ziggy's new favorite), Seam Rippers, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers Strong men and coupon clippers followed Deliverance to the weight room; Remainder moseyed emptyhanded to the bus lot for: … Continue reading Red White & Boom – Ladder Up

Northern Aggression: F3 Decathlon

A CSAUP Production The Pax: Flounder, Blue Hen, Checkbook, Wham-O, Fortran, Sprinkler, Epstein, Boone's Farm, FloRida (QIC) Warmarama:10 each: Side Straddle Hops, Chinooks, SunGods, Don Q, Seam Rippers, Peter Parkers The Decathlon. The greatest Olympic challenge. One competitor takes on 10 events in a test of speed, strength and endurance. Lacking Olympic facilities (not to … Continue reading Northern Aggression: F3 Decathlon

Flash Bang Friday, June 24, 2021. Tax Burden

Eighteen eager pax assembled in unseasonably fresh weather to begin the end of the week with movement and mumblechatter. The Pax: Epstein, Dr Evil, Crawdaddy, Pacer, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Far Side, Handy, Boone's Farm, Blue Hen, Change Order, ShearCon, Flounder, Gilmore, Chipper, Kay, Wham-O, FloRida (QIC) Chatter started fast and spicy, and the Warmarama followed … Continue reading Flash Bang Friday, June 24, 2021. Tax Burden

Flash Bang Friday, April 30, 2021. All the AOs

PAX: Blue Hen, Checkbook, Crankbait, Flounder, Lucky Charms, Epstein, Water Wings, Tarde, Kay, Dr. Evil, Far Side, Pacer, Crawdaddy, Bambi, Mulligan, Monet, Gilmore, FloRida (QIC) Eighteen gathered In The Gloom to end the week and the month with peace, joy and merkins. QIC FloRida celebrated the end of pandemic workout size restrictions with a romp … Continue reading Flash Bang Friday, April 30, 2021. All the AOs