6 for the SIX Backblast!!

29 Brave Souls risk life and limb this morning to work out in the gentle winds and great temperatures.  Flounder, Blue Hen, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Fortran, Bambi, Sludge, Tardy, Thin Mint, Kay, Crawldaddy, Thumper, Deliverance, Tenderfoot, Dr Evil, Waterwings, Whammo, Gilmore, Dean, ShearCon, Boones Farm, Epstein, Duvet, Radar, Farside, Checkbook, Pacer, Manhands and myself as Q, … Continue reading 6 for the SIX Backblast!!

Six for the SIX!!

Where, 4th of July Park in Kernersville Time is 05:30am Weather, possibly slight breeze and light rain, not hearing anything interesting out there on the news or "Facebook forecasters" I am sure it will be fine!? Beat down where we lift up the SIX for the true heroes we are!!

Backblast 05/23/18 “It WAS a jungle out there”

20 brave souls ventured into the jungle:  MallCop, Gilmore, Dr Evil, Special Ed, RedHOTT, Sprinkler, Lucky Charms, Fortran, CrankBait, Kay, Epstein, Sludge, Yo-yo, Crawldaddy, Deliverance, ToolTime, CheckBook, Mulligan, Chipper, and FannyPack. We started off with SSH, followed up by an abysmally Q'd version of Abe Vigoda where the count never actually reached three so the … Continue reading Backblast 05/23/18 “It WAS a jungle out there”

Backblast 03/28/2018 Do you feel LUCKY?!

24 of Kernersville's most wanted, I mean most eligible, no never mind, here is the list:  Spicoli, Lucky Charms, Crawldaddy, Tenderfoot, Fortran, HighHeels, Sludge, Pacer, Epstein, Flounder, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Yorkie, Kickback, YoYo, Dr Evil, REDHAWT, Special Ed, Dean, Kay, Tardy, Checkbook, Mulligan, and your Q, FannyPack! With no FNG and worlds shortest disclaimer that suing … Continue reading Backblast 03/28/2018 Do you feel LUCKY?!