Backblast – 12.25.2019 – Redmond Aggression

A little Christmas cheer was enjoyed amongst four PAX this early morning in the Ivey Redmond Complex. Lucky Charms, Dean, Dr. Evil, and YHC (Duvet) embarked on a subtle telling of the Christmas story F3 style. WOR HelicoptersSun God’s (YHC called them Arm Circles and was welcomed to join the F3 lexicon)Runner’s stretch Abe Vigoda’sSeam … Continue reading Backblast – 12.25.2019 – Redmond Aggression

Backblast: Poison Ivey Redmon 12/11/2019

Wet ... the ground was wet. The trees were wet. Everything was wet. That did not stop 9 faithful PAX from entering the gloom. @Thinmint, @crawdaddy, @dean, @lucky charms, @tenderfoot, @chipper, @bambi, @tarde, @duvet all embarked on some running. Yes, I had us running today for what @dean called a mediocre queue. Warm-o-rama: Mountain Climbers … Continue reading Backblast: Poison Ivey Redmon 12/11/2019

Backblast: “Final Countdown” – Poison Ivey – 9/4/2019

As the stork flies closer to the household, one more beat down before the long mosey to TN takes place. 9 PAX joined to listen into some nostalgic yet telling tunes of what lie ahead: Lucky Charms, Epstein, Chipper, Crawdaddy, Gilmore, Shear Conn, FloRida, Crankbait, YHC. Warm-o-rama SSH X 15 ICHelicopters X 10 ICSeam Rippers … Continue reading Backblast: “Final Countdown” – Poison Ivey – 9/4/2019