Backblast – Feats of Strength 11/15/21

18 PAX posted on a Monday at Fourth of July Park to improve their bodies and enjoy some fellowship. The PAX were Gilmore, Sac, Shear Conn, Checkbook, FloRida, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Water Wings, Dr. Evil, Special Ed, Q'Bert, Blue Hen, Fortran, Epstein, Kay, Flounder, Boone's Farm, Deliverance. After FloRida led the group in warmarama, we split … Continue reading Backblast – Feats of Strength 11/15/21

Feats of Strength – 6/28/21

A beautiful Monday morning brought out a good sized group of men ready for some fitness, fellowship, and faith. The PAX were Boone's Farm, Lovie, Duvet, Hook 'Em, Pacer, Blue Hen, Cube, Gilmore, Shear Conn (Q), Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Chipper, Sprinkler, Flounder, Handy, Water Wings, Checkbook, Special Ed, Handbells, Q'bert, Epstein, Crankbait, Deliverance (Q). After … Continue reading Feats of Strength – 6/28/21

5/26/21 BackBlast – Northern Aggression

13 PAX posted at Harmon Park this morning to fellowship and get stronger. The group included Blue Hen, Pacer, Epstein, Sprinkler, Beaker, Checkbook, FloRida, Angle Iron, Monet, Flounder, Dr. Evil, Tardy, Deliverance (Q). Warmarama: SSH's, Seam Rippers, Imperial Squat Walkers (performed flawlessly), Abe Vigodas, Sun Gods, 10 Merkins. We moseyed down to Main St. UMC … Continue reading 5/26/21 BackBlast – Northern Aggression

BackBlast – Northern Aggression (west) – 1/27/21

Three PAX (Dr. Evil, Tardy, Deliverance) posted for a mosey-limited Tabata-style workout to the sounds of the greatest rock hits from the 70's. We started with a short mosey around the bank to get the blood flowing. Warmarama consisted of SSH's, Abe Vigodas, Seam Rippers, Imperial Squat Walkers, and Sun Gods. A short mosey to … Continue reading BackBlast – Northern Aggression (west) – 1/27/21

Backblast – Feats of Strength – 10/26/20

Nine PAX (Fudd, Checkbook, Flounder, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Tardy, Hook 'Em, Fortran, Deliverance) posted in the gloom to enjoy the Ted Nugent station on the music-playing lava lamp and enjoy some mumble chatter while getting stronger. After a perfect F3 mission statement and disclaimer, @Epstein took us on a warm up mosey through the park. Warmarama:  … Continue reading Backblast – Feats of Strength – 10/26/20