Backblast – RWB November 20, 2023

Since Flounder controlled Mary and COT, I am sure he will post a Feats of Strength Backblast that will list all the PAX and the FNG. Moving on the RWB. Being presented with an FNG reminded me that I need to keep up with the F3 mission, vision, and values. With a little prompting from fellow PAX a flawless delivery of the mission, vision, and values was provided?? Your ever humble QIC lead the group to the cul de sac for warmorama. This consisted of chinooks (take off and landing), helicopters, imperial walkers, & frankensteins.

We then split the Feats of Strengthers and the RWB’ers. The RWB’ers proceeded to the bus lot. There the PAX found seven strategically placed cones and a list of exercises. Starting with the first exercise and the first cone perform one rep of said exercise, then proceed to the second cone and perform two reps of said exercise. Continue until you have reached the seventh cone and performed seven reps. On the return, start at the seventh cone and perform seven reps continuing back to the first cone and one rep. Then move on to the next exercise and do the same thing. The exercises were,
Burpees – a real crowd pleaser
Parker Peters (IC)
Shoulder Taps (IC)
Lt. Dans
Hillbillies (IC)
Walkouts – I believe the consistent comments were, “we should’ve just bear crawled!”
Imperial Walkers (IC)
Peter Parkers (IC)
Carolina Dry Docks
Plank Jacks

An ambitious list and I think the furthest any one got was to, maybe, Imperial Walkers?

I must mention we had to dodge an early school bus and going forward it may behoove us not to occupy the lower end of the bus lot, when school is in session.

I will refer you to Flounder’s backblast for Mary, COT, & Name o Rama.

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