Backblast RW&B Monday 9/18/23. Like the Grand Slam at Denny’s, there was something for everyone.

….except @crawdaddy who was specifically planned for, but who fartsacked… Kinda hurts, buddy.

Pax: boones farm, shear conn, fudd, gump, gilmore, sludge, handy, sprinkler, deliverence, epstein, flounder, fortran, water wings, charlie horse, fore, and YHC.

WOR – see @deliverance

The Thang: @deliverance and Feats of Strength headed for the bathhouse vestibule, while the boot campers traversed the AO’s shelters performing their own feats of strength and endurance. Each shelter stop called for a threesome of 25 count arm/leg/ab exercises, with varying speeds of mosey in between. Gump and Shear Conn sprinted. Handy seemingly beamed himself through space and time – always one step ahead of YHC. No one saw Boones, so we aren’t sure what happened there, and somehow the Sludge-Walker kept pace with YHC. Not sure if that says more about him or me. The sprinters completed three full laps inclusive of all reps (impressive), and @gilmore was not far behind…or was it @gilmore’s behind that seemed too not be far away? Anyway, I digress.

6MOM: You should have been there @crawdaddy. It was a mumblechatter’s delight. Faking left and going right, YHC lead the group through imperial walkers, and dying cockroaches before succumbing to extreme peer pressure, and reverting to a microwaved version two-count ab roll. It was cooked, but not crispy and brown on top as it should be. Lacking oxygen, the QIC called on @fore to count the dying cockroaches. @fore demonstrated a degree of mastery of cadence-counting seeming equal to his ability drive the ball off the tee, but he made up for it by praying us out in candence. AH’s brought an end to the debauchery.

Always an honor, Gentlemen. Checkbook out!