Backblast – Northern Ivey and Poison Aggression Convergence – 23 NOV 2022

15 energetic PAX gathered in the early morning gloom to pre-work off the pounds from the expected Thanksgiving feasts at a neutral AO, Fourth of July Park. @ngcurrie, @tarde, @cousin-eddie, @epstein, @gilmore, @dr-evil, @florida, @sprinkler, @fortran, @monet, @beefsteak (YHC’s brother-in-law, DR from F3Indianapolis), @water-wings, @flounder, @boones-farm, @doubtfire (QIC). With Checkbook nowhere in sight after his conversation with his M, and after the F3 Mission statement and disclaimer were given (note…you can’t sue the visiting F3 member either), we moseyed to cat lady circle for

SSH, 20x IC
Arm Pretzels, 15x IC
Seam Rippers, 15x IC
Pause to do 10 Burpees, 5x for both @tarde and @dr-evil being late to the game today
Abe Vigodas, 10x IC
We moseyed to shelter 1 to begin

The THANG – the “Thanksgiving Bird”
Starting at the shelter, we moseyed to various stopping points around the entire AO and performed 30x of the following exercises as we stopped at each
T – Twinkle Toes IC @ shelter 1
H – Hillbillies IC @ playground
A – Apollo Ohno’s IC @ sidewalk junction by tennis courts
N – Nolan Ryans IC (15x/side) @ lower back parking lot
K – Mule Kicks @ upper back parking lot (@sprinkler was asking how West Virginians spell for this one)
S – Step ups IC (15x/side) @ bus benches
G – Gorilla Squats @ junction of straight/semi-circle area at school entrance
I – Iron Mikes IC @ straight part of school entrance
V – Van Gohdas @ partway down front sidewalk
I – Imperial Squat Walkers @ front sidewalk/school exit junction
N – No Surrenders (15/side) @ halfway up exit
G – Gas Pumps IC @ front of school pull in junction
B – Burpees @ front portico (#crowd pleaser to do 30 of these)
I – Imperial Walkers IC @ top of hill
R – Rocky Balboas IC @ auditorium on the incredibly large curb there
D – Lt. Dan’s @ gathering parking lot
Omaha was called for time halfway through the Lt. Dans. We moseyed back to the basketball court for

Cindy Crawfords, 20x IC / side
American Hammers, 20x IC

Prayers for patience for all of us during the holidays around the house
Praise for all the blessings each one of us has every day
Praise for @handy getting a good report…will be back in the gloom soon
Prayers for @cousin-eddie for reconciliation
Prayers for @sludge for results of MRI
Prayers for @chipper and Drew
@ngcurrie’s St Jude’s fundraising…he’s halfway to his goal
Traveling mercies for kids and family members and friends traveling for the holidays
Prayers for those affected by the shooting in Virginia last night
Reach out to someone who hasn’t been out in awhile….re-invite them to come out again. Connection is so important for all of us.

@sprinkler led us out
22 for the vets

Thanks for the chance to lead the convergence today. Not sure we answered any questions about which group is tougher or real men, but it’s about all of us getting together in support of a common goal…bettering ourselves so we can be better leaders…that being the mission of F3. Hope you all got enough. May each one of you have a blessed Thanksgiving.