BackBlast: Red White and Boom

Monday September 26, 2022

20 PAX converged on Fourth of July Park to see what route was ahead.

Flounder showed 5:30 on the swatch watch, so a perfect disclaimer was disclaimed and off to the Warm up Circle:

Seam Rippers

Slow Abe’s


Sun gods


Splitsville for the Feats folks, mosey to back parking lot in the dark

Partner up, with Cube drawing the short straw of YHC

Kotter’s to Cube after a year…..(didn’t miss a beat)

1-9 of the trusty Uno cards randomly shuffled at the factory, your WR route would commence

Written Plan of Routes:

1 – 5 Backward Hills

2 – 10 IC Crunchy Frogs at Stairs

3 – 10 CDD at Gate of Warm up Circle

4 – 15 Dips at Rail at Mobile Classroom

5 – 5 Burpees at Top of Lot

6 – 10 Big Boy Sit Ups

7 – 10 IC Goof Balls at Light Pole

8 – 10 Step Ups each Leg at Bus Benches

9 – 5 Pull Ups

Cube and YHC managed to pull 7, 8, 9 twice each to have to drag the Q up the hill….

Omaha was called and Flounder took over at the BBall Court for Mary

Hoping it was just Special enough to get you a good workout!