Backblast – Poison Ivey 6/22/22

Four Poison faithfuls and YHC showed up to Ivey Redmond. Epstein, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, & Chipper could have cared less that this was named “Sludgefest” Probably a good reason because it had no bearing on what we did.

After a relaxing conversation, Poison Ivey may have kicked off a touch bit tardy. Warm o rama consisted of chinooks, sun gods, hillbillies, and frankensteins.

We then moseyed to the soccer field and began a full morning of 7’s. Running from goalie box to goalie box, we began with burpees and squats. Then we did 7’s on the hill with WWII’s at the top and lunges(?) at the bottom. At the top of the hill we started 7’s with carolina dry docks then ran to Kay’s wall for step ups. To round out our boot camp, the PAX was given their own option of merkins or LBCs. Then we did pseudo suicides. From the top of the hill run to first parking lot line and do one exercise. Return to top of the hill then at first line do one exercise and the second line do two reps of the exercise, return and continue that until all six lines are completed. While each were given a choice of merkins or LBCs, all PAX chose LBCs.

With time being up, Mary was a protein roll; Cindy’s left and right side, E2K left and right side, ending with hammers.

COT prayers for Chipper and his family, Corbie and his family, Sprinkler’s mother in law and family.

Crawdaddy led us out in prayer.

Apologies if I left something out but I have always been told it is the thought that counts.