Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday 5/14/2022

3 PAX and Ziggy gathered in the surprisingly dry morning to have a little bit of alphabet soup. @dr-evil, @boones-farm, @doubtfire (QIC). We presume @epstein was having a bad hair day and didn’t make it today. As we are all veterans, we just moseyed to Cat Lady Circle for

SSH – 20x IC
Seam Rippers – 15x IC
Arm Pretzels – 15x IC
Chinooks – 10x IC fwd/rev

We moseyed to Shelter 1 to grab the sheet and, since it was dry, moved the first location to the playground for The THANG – Alphabet Soup
Starting at the playground, complete the first 3 exercises, mosey to shelter 2, complete the first three there, mosey to shelter 3, complete the first three there and repeat-o until the whole alphabet is covered. All exercises were completed at 26 reps as listed (alternating rep exercises were 13x each side)

Playground – Round 1

      A – Apollo Ohno’s IC

      B – Bobby Hurley’s

      C – Carolina Dry Docks

Shelter 2 – Round 1

      D – Derkins

      E – El Capitans (long lunge with back leg straight, touch ground with hands)

      F – Freddie Mercury’s IC

Shelter 3 – Round 1

      G – Gorilla Squats

      H – Hillbilly’s IC

      I – Iron Mikes

Playground – Round 2

      J – Jump Ups

      K – Knerkins (Chuck Norris Merkins)

      L – LBC’s IC

Shelter 2 – Round 2 

      M – Monkey Humpers IC

      N – Nolan Ryan’s IC (13/side)

      O – Outlaws

Shelter 3 – Round 2 

      P – Plank Jacks IC

      Q – Don Quixote’s IC

      R – Rocky Balboa’s IC

Playground – Round 3

      S – Squats

      T – Thigh Masters, ea. Leg

      U – Up Downs (High Knees IC, drop to ground and back up after every 5 high knees IC)

Shelter 2 – Round 3

      V – Van Goghda’s (Start on back, come up and stretch to opposite foot, back down and back up to other foot…abe vigodas, but laying down)

      W – WWI’s

      X – XY’s IC (4 count – Rosalita 1, 2, Flutter Kick 3, 4)

Shelter 3 – Round 3

      Y – Superman Yellow Suns IC (Sun gods while doing a superman. 13 IC fwd and rev)

      Z – Zig Zag Hops IC (Dippin’ Dots)

Mosey to the basketball court for 6MOM
Cindy Crawfords – 26x IC each side
Low Dolly’s – 26x IC
American Hammers – 26x IC


Prayers for YHC’s dad Darwin undergoing chemo – had a pretty rough week this week
Praise for @handy recovery
Prayers for @chipper and 2.0 Drew
I may have missed one other one..apologies if I did

Thanks for letting me lead. It was good to fellowship with you guys. Hope you got enough.