Back Blast Red White and Boom

Well the hills were not quite as dry as expected. (Sorry to get your tennie pumps wet Sprinkler!)

WOR: SSH, Hillbillies, Mountain Climbers, Sungods, Cotton Pickers

Thang 1: Extended 7s on the Gilmore Memorial Hill. Burpees on the ball field, run up to the light pole then down to the guardrail for Derkins. Back to the light pole, then back down for burpees. Each pass by the light pole pay a toll of 5 WWIIs.

Thang 2: 3 laps starting on the jungle gym: Pullups, backwards run up hill to the ramp rails for Big Boy Sit–ups. Lap 1: 5 reps, Lap 2: 10 reps, Lap 3: 5 reps

Thang 3: At the guardrail: 10 Urkins (Or merkins – depending on what you heard me say or what you heard me think) 10 Derkins and 10 dips.

Mozy back to the court for Mary. (See Flounder’s back blast for Mary and COT.

I hope you got enough!

Shear Conn