Feats of Strength 1-10-22

We had 6 and QIC Epstein, Hook Um, Flounder, Tardy Wheezy, Handy, and Sludge

Red White and Boom had 11 and QIC Fudd, Water Wings, Dr. Evil, Sprinkler, Sack, Blue Hen, Gilmore Crankbait, Wedding Planer, Boones Farm and Florida

After the jog through the park and WAR we parted ways. Boot Campers see Florida’s post

Feats of Strength lifted a lot of heavy weights and did a ton of ab work.

Blue Hen challenged the pax to find someone to help out or a new mission project.

Tardy lead us out followed by 22 for the vets

Hope you guys got enough and thanks for allowing me to lead. Flounder I hope I did not let you down.


“The only bad WORKOUT is the one you didn’t do”