Backblast RW&B

15 Pax posted for a beatdown on this fine morning: Special Ed, Gilmore, Fudd, Kay, Deliverance, Sac, Wheezy, Flounder, Florida, Handy, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Epstein, Shear Conn and…. Welcome FNG “Abby Normal” (Eddie Schmidt) from “Normal Illinois”.

After an inspiring disclaimer and energizing warm-a-rama from Flounder, the group split for Feats of Strength and RW&B. (See Flounder’s backblast for Feats.)

The Thang: Oskie – A high intensity interval Q.

Perform a predetermined number of reps of one exercise. When the lead Pax gets to within one rep of finishing, he yells “Oskie!”. At which point the rest of the group sprints to the next station.

Origin of Oskie: The Q explained that “Oskie” is a football term used by the back field to notify the rest of the team that he is about to (or has already) intercepted a pass. This alerts the defense to immediately switch from defense to offense and begin blocking for the defensive back that now has the ball. Since none of the other Pax had heard this term before, it was assumed that perhaps this was some backwoods term used by the Thomasville Bulldogs where Shear Conn was reared and learnt to play ball. However, while multitasking with lunges, Special Ed looked it up and found that the term originated in Oklahoma and is actually widely used. Armchair quarterbacks just cant hear it over the TV speakers.

Anyhoo, the following are fun stations we migrated through (running to subsequent stations with a 20 or 30 count in between): (50) SSHs in the teacher’s lot, (50) WWIIs in the bus lot, (40) Pullups on the jungle gym, (25) jump-ups on the bus benches (Or step ups each leg), (40) inverted rows on the Big Boy rails, (25) Burpees at the stop sign, Bear Crawls in the bus lot, Suicides in the bus lot, (40) Urkins on the guard rails, Walking Lunges (Courtesy of Fudd) to the speed bump. Then mozy to the basketball court for Mary.

Some random observations:

Sprinkler hit the rows like Earnest T. Bass rowing across Kelsey’s pond to get away from the game warden.

Now that Duvet is moving to TN, Gilmore took his position as the bear crawl king, leaving nothing but an exhaust trail as he flamed across the bus lot. Could have sworn I heard a sonic boom. (Or maybe it was just a backfire)

Kay and Sac jumped out in front on the runs. Tried to cut them off once and they still beat me to the station.

Water Wings moved through the stations like a stealthy assassin.

Mary: Low slow flutters, Cindy Crawfords, American Hammers

Prayer concerns: Kay and his father (David) traveling to and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. David dealing with prostate issues, but moving forward with the plans.

Smith Family (Classmate of Gimore’s 2.0) Father dealing with cardiac issues.

Thanks Gilmore for taking us out.

22 for the vets.

Hope you got enough, If not, Oskie shall return another day!

Shear Conn