Backblast – Flash Bang Friday 9/10/2021

21 PAX (@handbells, @Gilmore, @dr-evil, @checkbook, @deliverance, @kay, @water wings, @duvet, @epstein, @wheezy, @sprinkler, @pacer, @florida, @slice-n-dice, @mulligan, @farside, @monet, @handy, @Change order, @sac, and YHC Flounder) met on a nice cool 55 degree fall morning share a little fitness, fellowship, and faith at the Fourth of July Park.

Warmaroma: (Parking lot behind school)

  • Smurf jacks
  • Modified Abe Vigoda & Seam Rippers Combined
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Chinook Squats

We then moseyed toward the bus benches only to stop just past the gate for a little bear crawl up the hill until we came to the end of the pavement markings. We then continued mosey to the bus benches for the main THANG. Once there, we split into two groups to hopefully practice a little better social distancing.


Do 7 Reps of the following 7 exercises and the run a lap.  Group 2 started with the run first to avoid having everyone at the bus benches at the same time.

Lap Rotation – Run to Gate, Stop Sign @ Mountain Street or Stop Sign @ Nelson. PAX choice.

Repeat until time is called.

  • Derkins
  • Crab Cakes (IC)
  • Step-ups (right leg)&(left leg)
  • Low Flow Flutters
  • Curb Bangers (IC)
  • Dips
  • Monkey Humpers (IC)

We then moseyed back to parking lot behind scholl for Mary.


  • Dyeing Cockroaches
  • Noland Ryan’s (real crowd pleaser)
  • American Hammer

Prayer Concern’s:

  • Drew
  • Larry Caudill

@farside led is out.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead! Have a great weekend.