Backblast – Northern Aggression– 9/1/2021

14 loyal PAX and 1 FNG (@special, @Sprinkler, @dr-evill, @epstein, @deliverance, @pacer, @Kay, @blue-hen, @Fortran, @tator hole, @Monet, @Sac, @Handbells, FNG (Alex Baum) now known as Tone Deaf and YHC Flounder) posted for a beatdown of an approximate 2 mile mosey around downtown Kernersville.  

Warmaroma: (Kernersville Museum Parking Lot)

  • Seal Jacks
  • Sabe Vigoda / Seam rippers
  • Steve Earle’s
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sun Gods

We then moseyed back to the bank parking lot to start the Thang:  Modified Millennial

Goal is a total count of 2000 reps as a set between partner’s but we modified to keep the entire group together. We proceeded by moseying across town stopping at 10 different locations. Pax attempted to performed 100 reps of called exercise. Teamwork matters. FIRST person that gets to 100 calls Omaha and the PAX mosey to next location as a group.

  • 1) SSH
  • 2) Lunges
  • 3) Merkins
  • 4) LBCs
  • 5) Mtn. Climbers
  • 6) Low Flow Flutters
  • 7) Sun Gods
  • 8) Squats
  • 9) Pretzel Crunch – 50 per side
  • 10) Burpees – Cut to 15 each to keep the mumble chatter down

Back to the Bank for Mary


  • Freddie Mercury’s
  • American Hammers

Pray Concerns:

  • @dr-evil niece -Mackensie w/ Covid
  • People left behind in Afghanistan
  • All People affected by Hurricane Ida


  • @kay – Got new job and Promotion

@epstein led is out.

Hope you got enough!