8/26/2021 – BackBlast – Flashbang Friday

Nineteen brave pax joined YHC for a fifth anniversary jaunt around the friendly confines of Fourth of July park – Sac, Wheezy, Checkbook, Crankbait, Special Ed, Water Wings, Epstein, Duvet, Boone’s Farm, Sprinkler, Dr. Evil, Fudd, Gilmore, Shear Conn, Handbells, Mulligan, FloRida, Sludge and Deliverance.

A mission statement was mentioned and a disclaimer was issued and we moseyed to the circle for:

Helicopters x 10
Abe vigodas x 10
Seam Rippers x 10.

Hillbillies x 15 (Shout out to the Man High Hillbillies of Man, West Virginia

“We love our ‘billies”).

At this time the group split. Deliverance led the FOS group to the basketball court and the rest went the shelter for:

The Thang

(Do one set of three exercises, then mosey to next shelter. All reps x 15)

Shelter 1
1)Step-ups (each leg), dips and crunchy frogs ic
2)Monkey humpers ic, hand release Merkins and crab cakes ic
3) Frankensteins ic, inverted rows and Freddy Mercury ic

Shelter 2
1)Bobby Hurleys, derkins and low slow flutters ic
2)Smurf Jacks ic, CDDs and Nolan Ryans ic
3)Imperial squat walkers ic, Makhtar N’Diayes ic and reverse crunches ic (gas pumps)

Shelter 3
1)Copperhead squats, merkins and box cutters ic
2)Prisoner getups, alt shoulder taps ic and dying cockroaches ic
3) Chinook squats ic, mountain climbers ic and Dollys ic

A lot of modification was encouraged and carried out, epecially by YHC. Tclaps to Special Ed who modified down to nothing and Shear Conn who modified up to backpedaling up the hill to Mary.

Omaha was called and we headed to the basketball court to join the iron men for:

Lbc x 10
Cindy x 12/side
AH x 15

Sludge led us out with prayer. Then 22 for the vets.

Thanks for letting me lead my annual Q. I hope you got enough.