Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday, August 28, 2021

4 Pax gathered this morning for exercise mania. @kay, @epstein, @handbells, @doubtfire (QIC). Seeing no FNGs, Q bypassed the disclaimer and core principles and proceeded to mosey to the cat lady circle for:

SSH – 20x IC
Arm Pretzels – 20x IC
Goofballs – 20x IC
Abe Vigodas – 10x IC

We moseyed from there down to the playground and back around to behind the school where things were set up for a series of exercises at cones. Start at a cone (spread out to different numbers to distance a bit), perform listed exercise and then move to the next station. Complete all stations and repeat until all pax had been through one round. Exercises were:

20x Burpees
30x Dips IC 
30x IC Apollo Ohno’s
30x IC Parker Peters
30x IC Imperial Walkers
40x IC LBC’s
30x Monkey Humpers IC
30x Bobby Hurley’s
30x IC Pretzel Crunches (15x/side)
30x Mule Kicks
30x Overhead Press w/cinder block
30x Mountain Climbers
30x Squats
20x Overhead Tricep Extensions w/half cinder block
20x Merkins
15x Reverse Hill Climbs

Once six was in, mosey to the front of the school auditorium for:

Bear crawls – bottom of hill to speed bump at top (3x total) The speed bump kept getting further away
Slowsey to front drop off area. Lunge walk from stop sign to corner of drop off area
Slowsey to car drop off benches. 25x leg raises OYO
Slowsey to hand rails for 20x Big Boy Situps OYO
Mosey back to basketball courts for:

Calf raises – 20x IC
Cindy Crawfords – 15x IC each side
American Hammers – 25x IC

Prayers for @key and @handbells in their upcoming trips (Tanzania and Dominican Republic, respectively
SchmedFest at W-S Fairgrounds today – fundraiser for Crisis Control ministry. Bands playing at 4 with food trucks.

@handbells led us out

22 for the vets

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Hope you got enough.