Red, White and Boom Monday 8/23/21. Four years of mumble chatter that all started with a pre-mosey.

Pax: Blue Hen, Dr. Evil, Duvet, Fortran, Shear Conn, Crawdaddy, Tarde, Crankbait, Hook’em, Epstein, Water Wings, Wheezy, Gilmore, Flounder, Tenderfoot, Deliverance, Sprinkler, and the QIC – YHC.

Some headed North to lift small amounts of weight…continiously….at the direction of always-on-time, Tarde. See Tardy backblast.

Others headed South for a boot camp style beatdown at the direction of Checkbook, who celebrated four years of F3 gear, comradery, modifying, and slow moseying.

WOR: See Tardy backblast

The Thang: Partnering up each group collectively completed 200 Gorilla Squats, 300 Merkins, 200 Lunges, 200 Carolina Dry Docks, 300 Thigh Masters, 300 Peter Parkers, 300 Monkey Humpers, and 200 Shoulder Taps. Partner one completed reps, while partner 2 reverse-ran to the top of the bus parking lot, completed 5 Hillbillies and moseyed back to the bottom of the parking lot to relieve partner one…and so on… T-claps to Shear Conn and Crawdaddy for being the only finishers as Omaha was called.

6MOM: IC 15 count Ab Roll, American Hammers.

COT: Kotters to Hook’em and Tenderfoot, the bearded version – makes him look taller.

Prayers for Dr. Evil’s wife for….well, being Dr. Evil’s wife…and her continued struggle with the health of her eyes.
Prayers for Dr. Evils father-in-law- for….well being Dr. Evil’s father-in-law…and struggle with covid and dementia.
Chipper’s family.
Checkbook’s parents for….well, being Checkbook’s parents…and for a challenging move from their dream-home into a retirement community.

Always an honor, gentlemen. Checkbook, out!