Stroll Through The Terrarium

The “New Normal” of Six hard-working PAX (Sack, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Crankbait, Tent City (Cotters), and YHC posted on the hairy side of town to enjoy some time in the foggy and gloomier than usual terrarium that is Kernersville. A brief mission statement and introduction of High Point’s own Tent City was followed after a mosey to the upper lot. Tent City also informed all the regulars that we no longer need to park at the dog park lot because to open the gate all you need to do is open the red box and go in… Thanks!

Warm-O-Rama went a little something like:

Helicopters x 12 IC + Abe Vigotas x 10 IC + Frankenstein x 12 IC + Copperhead Squats x 12 IC + Sun gods x 12 IC (flapjack)

A quick mosey to the top of the hill and YHC announced we would start the Thang with:

Elevens – burpees at the top and American Hammers at the bottom #crowdpleaser

We then moseyed to locations around the parking area for 10 or 20 of the following:

west goal post – Mountain Climbers x 20 IC + bottom of steps – 10 Lt. Dan’s + picnic tables – 20 Dips +playground – 10 Pull ups then one lap around lot + Kay’s Wall – 20 Step ups Each Leg + Parking lot entrance – 10 IC Monkey humpers then time was called

Mary was held about 15 feet south of the vehicles that would take us home to the dismay of Crawdaddy and Crankbait. We also stopped after only 5 minutes after doing:

LBC x 20 IC + Flutter Kicks x 10 IC + Low Dolly x 20 IC + SPPU x 10 IC (flapjack) + AH x 20 IC

Pray for: Chipper and Drew + our brothers that aren’t able to exercise recently + Wayne James and family + Taylor family who recently lost a member to a vehicle striking a bicyclist + Tent City’s family

Gilmore led us out + 22 for the vets + Tent City shared delicious muffins with all willing and able PAX – Thanks!

Thank you for letting me lead this morning – everybody should try it!